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The Gods Have Abandoned Us

With the knowledge that the Gods have left the humans, and no longer offer them support. (Not just gone quiet.) In my opinion it should have a stronger effect on the human populous. With many hierarchies maintaining power because they claim they support a god, or the god supports them. With the knowledge that they're no longer with us, is there any plans to address what I would believe to be coming. Which is an Anti-god or anti-theist political party in the human nations? Be it a sounding platform for a positive group (We only have us, we must not give up hope.), or a group that preaches despair (We are alone and they abandoned us, tear down all the temples!), I think it would be interesting and important to address how the human nations react to such news after such disasters like Kralkatorrik and Joko.


  • While the Gods may have Abandoned us, most of them still exist, and thus they could always decide to return. Thus their power still exists and so will their followers.

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    As stated in the lore books they "left" they are never intending to return. Albeit we did find out that they are as flawed as everyone else, so they could decide to return. That would be a good point for the people that don't want to give up hope would use to combat the naysayers. And would be a good conversation point in the political drama.