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Why wasn't there any announcement in the launcher about this?..

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As a relatively new player, I have tons of lore questions, but I tend to avoid the forums and had no idea this is going on until the very last moment. I only found out about it by accident when I was trying to look up the patch notes for the last patch (which I also normally don't bother with)... Oh well. It might be too late to ask questions at this point, but I'm going to try anyway.

1) First off, I'm confused about the Revenant profession. When I was making my Revenant character, I had no idea what they actually are, so I made her a Norn since that seemed to make the most sense from what I could infer from the information available in the character creation (with the Norn being guardians of the Mists and such, it seemed right up their valley). However, from what I now understand, there actually weren't supposed to be any Revenants until Rytlock became one. So I'm guessing that story-wise the player character is supposed to have started out as something else (Warrior/Guardian), and then pick up the Revenant specialization at some point later in the story (from what I've read, Revenants were originally meant to be "bundles" but ended up being actual professions due to player feedback).

Anyway, my question is, at what point in the game story would it make sense for the player character to become a Revenant (if it makes sense at all)? What would be required for that? Presumably you would have to be able to enter the Mists, but also not just anywhere in the Mists, but rather you'd have to be able to enter the places where the legends in question reside (i.e. Realm of Torment for Mallyx, and I'm not even sure where you'd have to look for the rest of them).

Also, in Heart of Thorns, Rytlock seems to be channeling Glint, but you are also able to that if you pick the Herald specialization. How exactly does that work?

2) How do the Spirits of the Wild work? It seems like they are "real" (i.e. more than just a superstition), as at least one of them is said to have fought a dragon (and died). Is there eventually going to be a new Spirit of the Owl?

Is there a spirit of the Wild for every animal in existence? In that case, are there Spirits of sentient races as well, or just animals? Or is it more of a case of something coming into being when it's being worshiped?

Also, how would a Norn react to running into human gods? Would that contradict their beliefs in the Spirits or would it be more like "huh, I guess those guys are real too"?

3) How do ghosts work? It seems that they are able to return to the material plane, and are themselves material enough to interact with the world of the living (to the point where they can physically fight), but they also don't "die" since they are already dead? What exactly is the downside of dying at that point? Also, I've seen "ghosts" of things that are supposed to be inanimate, like Ascalonian ghost cannons and trebuchets. Are those supposed to be more of a joke or is there an in-universe explanation for them?

Path of Fire story suggests that the Sylvari have individual souls just like humans, charr, etc. Does that mean that the Mordrem also had individual souls? Do Elder Dragons have those? Also, what are elementals? Are they sentient at all?

4) Is there an in-universe explanation to why, for example, the White Stag has a connection to the Dream? I know that that's a thing in Celtic lore, and the Sylvari are heavily based on it, but is that all there is to it or is there more to it?

5) Last question, is it known whether Tyria is a planet orbiting a star etc, or just a really large chunk of land floating in the Mists or whatever?

Sorry if that's a lot of questions, I tried to narrow it down to the stuff I'm most curious about.



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