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Of Bodies and Minds: Mordremoth

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There's been quite a bit of debate and confusion over the nature of Mordremoth, and this seems like the perfect chance to get clarification.

Throughout the end of Heart of Thorns, we're presented with the notion that Mordremoth does not have an actual physical body - that he is purely a being of mind. Though at the same time, the Mouth of Mordremoth acts and, sometimes, is referred to as the Elder Dragon. At other times, it's treated as merely a powerful champion of Mordremoth. In Vabbi, the Commander tells students of how Mordremoth died: impaling itself on a tree, which is how the Mouth of Mordremoth died.

So to the question: What is the connection between Mordremoth and the Mouth of Mordremoth? Is the Mouth Mordremoth's actual body, merely a part of it, or not at all? If the second, what is the rest? If the last, does Mordremoth have a physical body at all?

And an addendum: Artist Marcus Jackson calls the Mordrem Spitfires "Lesser Mordremoth Heads". Is this solely in reference to their appearance, or are Spitfires part of Mordremoth (too)?

Addendum 2 because similar topic: The dialogue with Laranthir and during Hearts and Minds implies that the Mouth of Mordremoth is fought multiple times; at least three times to be specific. Is this the case?

My theory on the matter, in spoilers to not influence the answer,

would be that Mordremoth can transfer his mind across his corruption, such as we see him do with Trahearne, and our journey into the Dream was less of killing the mind, and more of severing his ability to do so, his connection to the Dream (similar to what the Vision does to Ultron in Avengers 2). Further, that while the Mouth of Mordremoth is Mordy's "current body" it is not his original/true body, and that when we kill him, he possesses a Spitfire to grow into a brand new Mouth, explaining the similarity and Jackon's nickname for Spitfires. Basically meaning that Spitfires are "backup bodies" for Mordremoth should his current one die. With the meta's progress, we kill most/all of those backups, forcing him to go into a new type of body (Trahearne) shortly before we sever that tie, leaving his mind fractured between Trahearne and the last Mouth. Which we then kill, first Trahearne, then the last Mouth which merely held Mordremoth's "manifestation of its hunger" as Laranthir puts it.

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    Good questions.
    (And thanks for separating out your personal theories — that allows the devs to focus on your main concerns, without feeling the need to comment directly on how we see things.)

    "Face the facts. Then act on them. It's ...the only doctrine I have to offer you, & it's harder than you'd think, because I swear humans seem hardwired to do anything but. Face the facts. Don't pray, don't wish, ...FACE THE FACTS. THEN act." — Quellcrist Falconer

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    -removing needless commentary, deletion of posts would be wunderbar...-

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    Shameless bump to hopefully get this seen by last minute devs.

    This is a point of constant confusion, what the relation of Mordremoth and the Mouth of Mordremoth is, and what the state of Mordremoth's body (or if there is a body) is.

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    Did you get any answers from your questions, Konig?

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