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WvW tactic guild storage delay and missing "use all"

Aury.1367Aury.1367 Member ✭✭✭

When having tactics in your inventory, you cant click "use all" and you even have a delay so you cant spam them by clicking, its like one tactic each 1-2 seconds. really annoying when you got several stacks of wvw chests to turn into tactics. I just have them lying around until this get fixed, otherwise im busy half the day.


  • Drinks.2361Drinks.2361 Member ✭✭✭

    You'd love making it via scribing then then:

    • has the delay
    • needs to be in the guild hall
    • limited to 11 queued at a time
    • takes 30s to produce each so 5m30s for the queue to empty

    Beyond all of that though, I'd love if there was a way to purchase the badges of tribute needed for guild siege / tactic crafting without leaving WvW.

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