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Lobsters.3869Lobsters.3869 Member ✭✭

Can I get some golem stuff? Maybe different types of golems? Like mobile treb golem? Could have slower run speed and have to 'lock into ground' in order to fire long range treb?

Probably dont want the game Golem Wars, but I do. Maybe just some golem skin then? Something for golem? Thx!


  • XenesisII.1540XenesisII.1540 Member ✭✭✭✭

    We already got 1 shot sniper builds in the game now, might as well turn alphas into Maxs and omegas into BFRs and call this Planetside.

    "Is there pvp stuff for this?" "Absolutely, eh we actually have a new armor set coming soon."
    "From the back of the room!, the one pvp fan! we got him! WoAH!"
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