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Intended versus Unintended Mysteries (Example: the Wizard's Tower)

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I know a lot of lore-hounds would really like to see an explanation of the Wizard's Tower, but I love the idea that there are some things in the game that we'll never know. This one seems like a perfect candidate to leave alone as I doubt that any official explanation will end up being as interesting as reading (or hearing) players speculate about what it might be. (Plus: also a fun source of potential memes.)

That said:

  • Do y'all try to include lots of "extra" conundrums in the game for us to speculate about?
  • How often do you put something in the game just because it looks cool (or sounds cool) and the community ends up going wild over what it might mean?
  • Are you always tempted to retrofit an explanation?
  • Can you offer any examples of something that started out as "just something fun to toss in the mix" and, due to player reaction, you ended up turning into something bigger?


added: I updated the title to emphasize the idea of "intended versus unintended" mysteries; the Wizard's Tower is just an infamous example.

Further Reading

  • The Wizard's Tower "is a floating structure that once resided off Kessex Peak during Guild Wars, at the central southern edge of modern Kessex Hills. [According to Jeff Grubb] It has since been relocated by its new owner, Isgarren, to the southeastern edge of Kessex Hills. It was once rumored to house magical tomes and artifacts. "
  • Wooden Potatoes on the WT and also
  • Discussion on Reddit

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    I feel like the fact that we even have an owner's name, and that there is some interaction between the town near it and the Wizard's Tower itself should make it so the structure comes up at some point. It would be easy enough to open it up as it's own multi-leveled map or a dungeon. It would be a shame to never get to play around with it.

  • One of the more enticing tidbits regarding Garenhoff and the Wizard Tower was Brine Clutchall's ( dialog:

    PLAYER: Who are you?
    BRINE CLUTCHALL: Brine! Brine Clutchall. I used to run a shop in Garenhoff. Now I work for the Guild Initiative, and they, take care!
    PLAYER: Tell me more.
    BRINE CLUTCHALL: Well, when I say protect... You see, I may have overcharged a fellow named Isgarren. A bit of mistaken math, nothing more! So, now, here I am. Fighting dragons with merchandise!

    The first time I read his dialog, I immediately had wild speculations that at some point in the future the Guild Initiative would somehow gain access to the Wizard's Tower, essentially allowing for it to be another available Guild Hall for players. shrug Who knows, but hey, a girl can dream. ;)

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    That would be so awesome. A Guild Hall that maybe had a bunch of books in the library with dedicated GW1 lore.

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    I have been wondering what that Wizard is up to in this glorious flying castle above the village for SOOO long!
    Will we ever see the true reveal of the powerful Wizard or will this content stay hidden everlasting?

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    Hopefully always hidden

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  • We always look to see if there are cool story opportunities we can tap into for future content releases. Sometimes, like with Bastion of the Penitent, we can revisit an old concept or character and continue or resolve that story. In other cases, we leave it be since we don't have the time or resources to do it justice. The Wizard's Tower is a fan favorite, and we talk about the possibility of going there someday with same excitement we do any other potential idea. Some ideas get made, and others don't.

    So keep letting us know what interests you and we'll see what happens.

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