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Personal story cliffhangers - will they ever get resolved?

There are several personal story trees that end in cliffhangers, unresolved (example). Will we ever see them addressed in future content?

Also, on a broader note, will there ever be branched content again that takes your background (i.e., choices you made during character creation) and/or race and/or profession into account, so that we will have a variety of paths again that all lead to the same goal?



  • If the continuation or resolution of those stories worked in the broader context of the stories we're telling now, we'd consider them. The thing to remember here is scope, however. All the Personal Story stuff from level 1-30 was race specific, which means 5 times the work. Doing so would have to come at the expense of something else, and since our Living World releases have to accommodate all player races, the chances that we'd focus our energy into a single race's story from the core game are slim.

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