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Is it possible to create a page for sellers/guilds in LFG for raiding?

I dont personally know the general vibe of this thought in the forums, since the conclusions sometimes do get-----distorted. But at all times it seems like there is at least 30%-70% of the people in LFG who are just sellers/guilds. And when numbers are that huge, it simply is a problem. By creating a page it would alleviate the problems with finding people/groups in LFG.

Why we cant just ignore this:
I genuinely dont know which team worked on LFG and how long it takes, but this is truly a problem within the game. Beyond the fact that Raids are rather hard to join as a new player, and without a doubt almost impossible to complete without trying to "move" around the normal necessary steps to actually complete a raid, then the actual page that helps people to connect, do not have to be more complicated than absolutely necessary. When around 50% of the collective request for groups, simply are sellers and guilds, then it is truly a problem.

Some of the reasons to ignore this:
If I had to come with any problems this might create, then it is probably time. As I said, I personally do not know the time consumption required for LFG nor the price **it holds with it, but it is a problem in the game that does need a fix. I would also have added that **there are no income, but it is very hard to actually defend a claim like that, since any small fixes in the game does not give an income, it just makes the game slightly better.

But I would like to know your ideas on the subject, anything I missed? Even if you dont play LFG nor really care for it, I would still like to know your thoughts about this subject.


  • ANet's implemented a workaround. Use the filter with a hyphen before relevant key words you want to exclude, e.g. -sell or -kp or whatever.

    (Personally, I'd like to see the categorized overhauled substantially: too many empty sections, some duplicates or near duplicates, some missing use cases, and so on.)

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    There’s a workaround as provided above. Personally, I’d prefer that they start taking action against those using it simply as an advertising service rather than for the formation of a group to run that content once they have enough players (those doing the work and those paying to be carried).

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    ohh ok, did not know about the workaround. Ayrilana, I personally do not have a problem with them, and I think Guild Wars believe that it is fine too, since people used the same services around the older dungeons (Arah in particular was very wanted). Even if they did have a problem with it, then people probably just do it more secretly. And to be honest, it does not personally touch me how others decide to play the game, I would not personally do it, but if others see this game more as a job/grind rather than a game, then it is honestly totally fine with me.
    Where it does touch me in the game, is when I can not find a group because of the many people who decides to put their advertisement in the spot where I am looking for a group.-
    And to be completely blatantly honest, I generally do not like the pitchfork ideology towards anything, anyone in the game can do anything they want. As long as it does not affect others negatively-

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    Interesting that Anet allow this behavior while disincentivizing DPS meters, egomaniac group leaders, and loot grind (ie, Anet seems to generally care about the health of the game in these other aspects).

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