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Lore Questions

We know that Vabbi was beloved of Lyss and llya. She especially blessed the land with her Seborhin Tree. No wonder they love luxury and theatre.

What lands/peoples are favored by the other God/desses?

I suspect that The Shiverpeaks are Grenth's stomping grounds. He's the lord of Ice and has a large temple there still in GW1 and 2. Does he favor The Norn?

Istan would seem the natural choice of Kormir.

Maguma for Melandru? Is she also the patron of The Asura?

What happened to the Stone Summit Dwarves after the invocation of The Great Dwarf?

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    Opinions, not fact:

    Melandru -- I always figured Melandru would love Maguuma Jungle. But somehow I don't see her being the patron of the asura we meet in GW, because she's all about nature and the asura were the ultimate technicians. There seems a dichotomy there, although I stand to be corrected.
    Grenth -- The Shiverpeaks (Northern, Southern, Far)
    Kormir -- Istan, I agree with you
    Balthazar -- Fire Island Chain (for obvious, fiery reasons) ;)
    Dwayna -- Kryta
    Lyssa -- this is the one I'm pondering on. Is it Vabbi? That makes sense. But could it be Cantha, the area set apart by water?

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    Canthans were if I remember correctly after all these years, Lyssa's favorite god, along with the Vabbians.

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