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Utopia brainstorming that lead to GW2

The story that we've been presented is that there were lots of ideas going around for what the designers wanted to see out of the fourth campaign, and that the more that everybody brainstormed, the less possible it was to implement the ideas without creating a new game. And so you went the route of creating a new game. I'm curious to know if anybody remembers some of the ideas that were the fundamental limitations ("ability to jump" and "ability to swim" are pretty easy to guess, but others perhaps not so much). I'd expect that there'd be both "oh that's an obvious one" and "really? something that 'small'" kind of ideas and I'm curious if there are any that you're able to share publicly (or even remember, since that was over a decade ago now). Additionally, of the brainstormed ideas that lead to the creation of Guild Wars 2, how many of those do you think were able to actually make it into the new game? The Companion system was an idea that was told to the community for a long while but ultimately didn't make it in--were there other ideas that stayed around for a long time from the Utopia discussions that ultimately wound up hitting the cutting floor?



  • A big topic at the time was 'what is the new feature that is as cool as Heroes that gets everyone excited for this expansion'. A great example proposal that did manifest in GW2 would be open-world zones. It seems simple at first, but when you start going over the details - can you change skills or parties in a zone, do the monsters respawn, how does loot work, how do quests handle it - it quickly becomes clear that to be fun and interesting it needs a new set of rules that become a fundamental overhaul to the game.

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