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Will any Updates be happening to Guildwars 1?

I am wanting to know if certain skills will come back to guildwars 1 that were nerfed just before guildwars 2 was released which felt like you were being forced to quit the game. One example is the Monk skill "Holy Wrath" in pve it is really bad now. As someone who farms items etc for guilds to help out this ruined it all and farming in GW2 is non existent or not fun to say the least. Along with these types of skills, will any updates happen since i am sure that gw2 players would want to come back and get titles for the HoM and storylines but there is not enough people playing it. Or farming has been nerfed so badly it takes an extremely long time solo to do so.


  • You would think that they would make the older gamer easier so that people could finish it and move on. Making it harder would only keep people away. Maybe if they made a full package deal for GW2 players who wanted the HoM, they might be able to make a pretty penny without having to to do a lot of work. Just saying....easy money off an old game.

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