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Pre-Searing: open areas and new outpost.

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Thanks for bringing this discussions to the forums.

I think most GW1 players leave a character permanently pre-searing. I'd like to see some changes there for those characters.

In the Northlands there is a walled area that I think was supposed to be a grave site. I'd like to see it turned into an outpost for players to be able to access the Northlands without having to open the gate over and over. Also there is a big door in a ruined temple on the NE corner of the Northlands. Beyond it is a amphitheater that if I remember right was accessible during the open beta. I'd like to see that area opened up. I'd also like to see the area across the Ascalon city bridge opened up without having to take the quest that puts the character post searing.

Another change I'd like to see done is a Xunlai NPC that offers a storage for pre-searing items which would show up as a pull from only tab in post-searing Xunlai storage. That way items can be transferred post-searing but not back to pre-searing.


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    They should have made ascalon arena available without the requirement of going to post searing back in 2005. There is actually a hidden out post that controls this.

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  • That walled area, pretty much straight north of the portal, exactly matches post-searing Piken Square. Before Langmar and the Vanguard quests, I wished for years for that to be made into an outpost and an area north or west of The Nortlands to be made.

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