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What's the best way to beat Cyndr with just Heroes and one player?

I've been playing through EotN recently (still kind of new to the game) and I've hit a road block. I knew I probably would with just myself, but what do all of you lovely people out there have as far as suggestions for me to take Cyndr down?

I'm a Fire Ele main using the Searing Flames metabuild (glyph of lesser energy+fire attunement+ some other synergies for max fire damage spam), I've got MOX, Vekk, Ogden, Gwen, Jora, Koss, Acolyte whatsisname, Dunkoro, Koss's friend, Pyre, and Livia as heroes. I don't have too many extra skills for them. What should I go get and what builds are recommended?

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    Make sure you drop some kegs on him to get rid of his shield. Pyre, Jora, and Koss can use bleeding attacks, and Livia can give poison. Use of conditions is effective for this boss. Also, I'd think using earth damage may be more effective? It's possible that Cyndr is strong against fire damage; so earth or even some water damage could be more effective. You can set up some synergy if you have Souske (sp?), as some ele skills combo with each other. if you have Jinn, just more conditions. Gwen can interrupt, or you can try energy denial with Energy surge, Mind Wrack, and some others.
    Ask in the outpost if other players want to join you :D

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