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What is "Guild Wars" named after?

There has been a lot of debate over the years over what exactly the title of this franchise is referring to.

Is it a reference to "The Guild Wars" in lore or a reference to GvG (playable guild wars)? I tend to believe it's the latter because GvG was a major selling point for the game and the lore was mostly flavour and barely a part of the main storyline.

I guess what I'm asking is which came first? The pvp format or the lore?


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    Lore-wise, The Guild Wars were wars between human Guilds before the times of even Guild Wars 1: basically alliances of powerful humans, just like the real in-game guilds. But you know what happens when there are multiple bodies of power in one geographical area... they start fighting. By the Third Guild War, all of the human armies were so weakened that the Charr had a lot less work claiming Ascalon (back), which kickstarted the events of Guild Wars 1 (aka Prophecies).


    PvP wise, GvG was kind of a big deal back in GW1 and I remember there were tournaments held (annually?). A Guild from my country (Slovenia) even won it once, I was so proud.

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