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The Six Human Gods

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The Six have always been one of my favorite parts of the lore-building for this series. Seeing their images painted across structures in Ascalon filled me with a sense of wonder and curiosity after emerging from the Searing. After that, I was always eager to find new lore and information regarding them, with some of my favorite interactions being the meeting with their avatars in Nightfall, the UW/Fissure of Woe, and the wonderful scripture excerpts that you could find every now and then. (Can't remember if it was from the statues in game that I read them from or just the game manual, but either way they were awesome.)

So, I have "a few" questions regarding The Six:

  • Were there always going to be six of them? If not, were there any ideas for gods that were thrown out? If any, what were they?
    (i.e. Pinkie - God of Pie and Cakes, Jimmy - God of Annoying Kurzick Falling Building Rubble that Makes Rezzing a Pain, Steve - God of Kittens, etc.)

  • Was there ever a time in development when it was planned that we would meet more than just their Avatars? If so, what were those scrapped plans?
    (i.e. Balthazar appearing and shouting "Get off my lawn" at players in the Hall of Heroes when players are thrown out, Abaddon help, etc.)

  • When The Six were finally decided upon, were their backstories, relations, and personalities determined at that time, too? Kind of curious as to whether or not there's some magical internal document with all of the official dirty details for each god, how they came to be, how they act, where they came from, how they became gods, relatives, background history, etc. begins salivating

Bonus: Favorite one of The Six?

(Personally, even though we beat him so hard that he exploded and turned into dust, I'm still all about that #BalthazarLyfe)


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    There are in reality, 7 Gods.

    Your Math Tèacher [MATH]
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  • @alcopaul.2156 said:
    There are in reality, 7 Gods.

    Who's the seventh? By the end of GW1's storyline, I count six gods (Dwayna/Balthazar/Grenth/Lyssa/Melandru/Kormir), two ex-gods (Dhuum/Abaddon), and one data-mined spider-named god that never got the chance to exist. Are you counting Lyssa as two gods, Lys and Issa? Menzies, who was Balthazar's half-brother, but not a god himself?

  • alcopaul.2156alcopaul.2156 Member ✭✭✭
    edited May 24, 2018

    balthazar/abaddon/dwayna/melandru/lyssa/dhuum/grenth [in order]

    7 days of the week. 7 temples in agrigento, sicily.

    kormir is a rebel/halfie/half-human selfimposed god

    Your Math Tèacher [MATH]
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