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Magic and the summoner

Hey guys and gals, I'm a longtime fan of the series, having played since 2005. I can genuinly say guild wars has been a part of my life. I thank you for that.
I love the world of Tyria and it's lore, and I'm especially interested in the nature and origins of magic.

There are a couple of things I keep wondering about.
1. What is the relation between the mists and magic?
2. What is ether and how does it relate to magic? Is it something for mesmers only (the Gwen BMP mentions ether in relation to mesmer spells).
3. How does (ancient) ritualist "magic" relate to regular magic? Do ritualist borrow their powers from the spirits they commune with? And perhaps this has to do with guild wars 2, but does the revenant use ritualist or regular magic to do it's thing?

My other question relates to the proposed Summoner profession. I would really like to know the idea's behind this profession and how it would have functioned. And would we perhaps see something similar in guild wars 2 one day?

Thank you and keep up the good work!

PS bring ritualist back!! ;)



  • I am not high rank enough of a loremaster to give authoritative answers to most of your questions, but to throw a not-necessarily-canonical opinion in: I submit that 'ether' is basically a synonym for magic, perhaps taken from divergent studies or describing a subset of magical energies. Different mages throughout history may have chosen different - and even conflicting - terms for describing phenomena, resulting in the variety of spell names and 'magic words' we see in modern Tyria.

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    If I understand the lore accurately, magic was given by The Gods at the behest of Abaddon. They later reduced the magic in the world by creating The Bloodstones to soak up some of the energy. . The Guild Wars were fought ,(in part,) over the possession of these stones.

    Ether or Aether was thought in RL to be a kind of invisible medium like a sea that everything was immersed in. It was a kind of conduit and responsible for things like gravity and magic. (some would say that ether IS the energy of magic) It may have some equivalence with the mists. ( and with "The Force" in a certain sci fi series. )

    I read somewhere, (forgot the reference,) that Ritualists practice the oldest form of magic in Tyria. They more or less capture spirits, those of nature and of the dead.. then use them to do their bidding or as power sources.

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