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Armor rating questions

I created the armor rating project on the wiki. I was able to record basically every hostile creature's armor ratings and add them to NPC pages. I conquered Mallyx and Urgoz with 7 heroes and a barely-doing-anything-helpful armor testing build twice.

But I was never able to reach Kanaxai or Dhuum by myself. These are the only non-presearing major enemies without recorded armor ratings. I'd love to "complete" this project, 9 years later. So I ask: what are Kanaxai and Dhuum's armor ratings to blunt, piercing, slashing, cold, earth, fire, and lightning damage?

My other question is about a very odd skill interaction that I had to check many times to make sure I wasn't crazy. Grawl Champions are one of two enemies that uses Blood Rage, a monster-only skill. This skill is odd not only because it appears to have no cooldown, despite a listed cooldown of 30 seconds, but it seems to lower Grawl Champion's blunt armor by 30 when active. This isn't mentioned in the skill description, is a unique thing for a skill to do, and is almost unoticeable since Blood Rage is almost always active. This is especially odd since the other creature that uses it, Grawl Demagogue, doesn't suffer from the armor reduction. Could someone look into this skill and tell us if it is working correctly? Are there two versions, one for Champions and one for Demagogues? If it is working correctly, why is it so...weird?



  • I did a little digging and reverse-engineering - I can't say for sure that my findings are 100% accurate, as there can always be missed scripts or buffs altering them, but my conclusions are:
    Kanaxai's armor matches Urgoz's, with 100 base and +30 to elemental damage.
    Dhuum has 100 base armor in all categories.
    This may not be valid in Hard Mode; I suspect Kanaxai and Urgoz would gain armor base on their level. Dhuum does not.

    Blood Rage looks like it has a couple bugs, like refreshing its own cooldown when it ends, but none of them touch armor. Demagogues and Champions use the same version of the skill. I would not be surprised if it's increasing damage taken by the user, but that wouldn't be for a specific damage type.

  • Thank you very much for responding! It felt good to finally add those in.
    I only have a note I wrote, and not my memory regarding Blood Rage's behavior, maybe some day I will get back there and investigate more.

  • Greener.6204Greener.6204 Member ✭✭✭

    Now these are two incredible edits to see:
    1. Dhuum
    2. Kanaxai
    Thanks so much you two for both bringing up the topic and digging to find the answer!

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