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Who's face is depicted on the columns in the Fort Ranick mission and The Serenity Temple and why?

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    possibly King Doric? it's near King's Watch

    GW Wiki: King's Watch
    King's Watch is an important place in Regent Valley between Fort Ranik and Sardelac Sanitarium. It was founded on the 95th day of 1 AE, early in the Season of the Phoenix, at the site where King Doric was crowned over a century earlier. Ever since, it has been where every king of Ascalon, up to and including King Adelbern, was crowned.

    Serenity Temple could be the place where he prayed to the 5 to break up the bloodstone

    GW Wiki: Serenity Temple
    Once the largest in Ascalon, Serenity Temple was the only holy site in Ascalon dedicated to all five Tyrian gods: Dwayna, Balthazar, Grenth, Melandru, and Lyssa.

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