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What has become out of your unused Class Concepts from GW1?

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There are some unused Class Concepts that were initially made by ANet, to eventually become new Classes for GW1 via Standalone Games.. and if EotN wouldn't have become just an Add On, but like Factions, and Nightfall a complete own Standalone Game, then I'm pretty sure these two lost Class Concepts I mention now would have eventually become part of the game.

There was basically another lost Class Concept, but that has been already implemented into the Game as one of the Games Elite Specializations in a great an theme/class fitting way.
I'm talking about the Chronomancer logically now.

But my second question thread of three is now about two other lost Concept Classes from GW1, where I think, they are absolutely missing and should definetely find game as well too in form of new added Elite Specializations, so that the works and efforts about those concepts wasn't wasted in the end.

I'm speaking now exactly about the lost Class Concepts of the Summoner and the Bard!!!

What where back in the time of EotN the reasons, not to implement those concepts still via EotN into the game?
Can we somewhen see the Summoner as one of the Elementalist's Elite Specializations, one that is focused and specialized heavily around Conjured Weapons and especially Summons like the summoned Elementals, to brign all this Gameplay of the Class summonung and conjuring thigns of to a next higher design level, so that these gameplay aspects of the Elementalist will make alot more fun to play as Summoner-Specialization for the Elementalist?

While a Bard would be a perfect addition as Elite Specialization for the Mesmer in my honest opinion, as it is the game's class, that is focused aroudn inspiration and Music is all about inspiration. They have been by design also already from begin on the only class, which has with Siren's Call a sound/music based skill. I think there woudl be so much more potential to make usage of for the Mesmer, if they'd get a Bard/Minstrel like Elite Specialisation, which can this way brign back also one of the Mesmers core gameplay aspects back into GW2 - ECHOES.. so the automatic repeat of previous effects by an Echo and they could bring back the Chants from paragons as an upgraded form of Shouts, so that this gameplay gets finally to a REAL bard class then.

Just as visual reminder:


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  • I'd like to chime in to represent those who feel the same about Chronomancer as I;

    Chronomancer as an elite spec feels not much at all like an actual chronomancer. The class theme is very weakly implemented, and overall was a total letdown.

    Another try would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hmm, i know what you mean LoreChief.

    Personally I would have made the Chronomancer also a bit stronger by design especially in the aspects of actually real TIME CONTROL, making them able to alterate the flow of time more, slowing down things, making things faster or make situations unhappen by reverting back timelines, before something happens.
    Moving through timespace tunnels to be a bit more mobile similar like Mirage, than the normal Mesmer and lastly the ability to completely stop and freeze the flow of time around you, woud be all things, that are in theme of a Chronomancer as abilities of what a Chronomancer should be able to do, if he fully controls the flow of time.

    However, I think with Slow and Alacrity did ANet also already greatly the best, they could have done with a Chronomancer, because Time Control is something you have to be extremely cautious with as developer, because Time Control is a gameplay element, which quickly is on a very thin line between being okeyish or being absolutely overpowered, if it is too much of those mentioned things together, because a Chronomancer needs to stay in the end naturally also defeatable and that is hardly possible, if they could always make everything unhappen instantly, freeze completely your movement by stopping the time around you ect.
    Anet made Chronomancers already a very strong CC Spec the way they are. Adding even more CC on top of that by making the Spec stronger in theme by design wouldn't be very wise for Game Balance reasons I guess.

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    I'm the proud Origin of the Elite Specializations Concept (Sub Classes) through the last made CDI Project.

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    To come back to my topic..

    Would so love to play a Summoner Elementalist-Specialization, so much that it most likely woudl become my new Main Character, turning the Gameplay of the LEementalist around by 180° and letting your Summons and specialized Conjures become the main Source of your Damage, instead of your own Character, with the Character gameplay design beign just focused to maintain your Summons and Conjures for your and your Allies.
    A Specialization, which is eventually able to transform themself into Djinn Avatars based on your attuned element, if you sacrifice your summons for that.
    Thats the kind of Summoner I'd love to see becoming part as E-Spec for the Elementalist and what I guessed back at times when only GW1 existd, how that Summorne Concept from GW1 woudl end up like, a class, which summons and controls huge magical creatures and conjures lots of magical weapons that fight for them, while the Summoner itself stays in teh background and just does his best to maintain and support his summons and conjures,.
    Thus leading to a completely different gameplay, than just the normal more self active Elementalist who fights for itself, the summoner would take in combat a more passive role.
    I was very sad back in GW1 times to see, that Summoners didn't found their way into the game, so I have to use the chance now in this months GW1 based AFC, to get to know, what has become out of this concept, if my thoughts of what a summoner woudl be like is similar to what ANet has concepted for them to become, or if they woudl have ended up as somethign totally different perhaps? Who knows.. we were never able to get to know this so far.. because those concepts sadly never surpassed the point of being more, than those concept pictures :(

    But when i just read the word of Summoner, I have always to think instantly about Elementalists, how they summon big magical elemental beasts, far more powerful and ferorcious, than they simple elementals they can create so far , that are so powerful and the main element of their whole gameplay, that the Summoenr has to go into a passive style just to be able to maintain these powers for logn enough, as when they fight actively as well too.
    Who doesn't think here when readign the word summoner not onto Final fantasy and their typical big summons, hmm ? I'd so love to have something similar with a Summoner-Spec for elementals, making their whole summon and conjure gameplay alot better and more fun under such a Specialization :D.

    The question is only, do the devs share with me this idea, or like mentiioned, maybe would be a Summoner in GW2 something totally different based on that original concept they had back in their minds originally for GW1. Thats something Id like to get to know here by them answering.

    Cassandra Lancaster - Achievement Hunter - 28,9k AP currently - Server: Drakkar Lake/EU - Mastery Rank of 254
    I'm the proud Origin of the Elite Specializations Concept (Sub Classes) through the last made CDI Project.

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