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What lead to the decision to take out Hero Battles and add codex arenas?
I loved being able to do competitive pvp when I wasn't doing HA or GVG. It was a unique type of pvp that allowed for quick and easy match set up without having a group. In today's community it would fit really well with the current difficulty of finding a group in HA or GVG. Players would love competitive tournaments and ranked game play without the hassle of needing other players or resorting to henchman. RA is always a fun alternative, but it doesn't have the competitive feel Hero Battles did. I understand it would probably be difficult and not worth the time bringing it back, but I am really interested in the decision to remove it and what it would take to get it back.

Thank you for doing this btw. It is awesome to be talking about GW1 again.


  • I second that last portion in finding out what it would take to bring back. Hero Battles would be another way to add some variety to pvp while increasing the activity.

  • I'm going to piggy-back on this tread --

    Do we really want HB's back or just a method to play normal/tournament modes requiring only 1 real player to enter? Don't get me wrong I loved hero battles but the more I think about it, it was just the tournaments I miss.

    leading to my question: How difficult would it be to implement a 1 player req. game mode reusing existing content? Example: 1v1 codex tournaments without henchmen.

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