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How much did the devs love Dwarves in GW?

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How much did the devs love Dwarves in GW from a race, story and lore standpoint?

Will Dwarves play a bigger role in GW2 going forward?

Will Dwarves become a playable race in GW2?

I found a perfect way for the Dwarves to make a huge comeback btw, and I’ll post it in a minute!

Edit- Read the quote and be amazed!!!

“Let’s take a look how PoF perfectly set up a low cost way to introduce Stone Dwarves as a playable race!

“Theorizing she could defeat Jormag and Primordus at the same time by mixing their energies, Taimi created a device using parts from Omadd's Machine to do so. However, this device was stolen by the weakened god Balthazar and just after Taimi discovered that if both Primordus and Jormag were killed the world would die with them. Balthazar brought the device before Primordus in the Primal Kiln and activated it. He inserted himself in the magical stream and began absorbing the two Elder Dragons' magic, incapacitating Primordus and its minions in the process. When the device was destroyed by the Commander, the blowback and drained magic resulted in Primordus sinking in the lava and being placed in a pre-awakening state.”

So... long story short... We don’t need any grand personal back story about how our little baby Dwarf characters grew up poor and joined the circus... We start with Primordus, and minions, being currently “incapacitated”, and Primordus being back in the “pre-awakened state”... and our awesome new Stone Dwarf playable characters start emerging from the underground to discover the wonderful new world of Tyria...

Again, we don’t need to explore any back story “stuff” (initially), we just develop playable Stone Dwarves from where we are at!

Paying for voice actors to start? Nah, grunting will suffice! And maybe just some simple “yes” or “no” voice replies to any story dialog!

Do we need every set of armor sized to fit Dwarves? Nope, just pick a few good ones to start, and slowly add more later!

Story going forward? Stone Dwarves suffer from amnesia due to the Right of the Great Dwarf, and very slowly regain memories as the ongoing story progresses! Also, their personal story path can be designed for Stone Dwarves to become flesh and blood once more!


Edit- Think about this new Stone Dwarf race implementation like the difference between how Gen 1 legendaries vs some newer Gen 2 legendaries were handled!!!

See the awesomeness and potential now?????????????????????????

You are all very welcome for this totally plausible, doable, breathtaking and groundbreaking suggestion!!!!!!

Edit 2- I would also like to request that we reassemble “Team Metal” to spearhead this Stone Dwarf playable race mission!”



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