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Guild Wars IPs used

Hello, dear devs! Thanks to some people, current original Guild Wars authorization server IPs are blocked in Russia because content related to it "contains calls for riots, carrying out extremist activities, participating in mass (public) events conducted in violation of the established order", IPs were put in this list by Russian state authority (most likely by mistake). So, players from Russia can't log-in and play GW without VPN since 2015, sadly. I don't know which IPs are blocked as well (chat, friend list, districts and so on), so issue may be in theory with each of IPs used. I just wanted to ask if we could have in the future new IP adress to log-in and play Guild Wars without breaking law :D .


  • This is strange, indeed: it looks like all of the 3 authorization server IPs have been added into that list, although I have only noticed & realized that by now (after more than 2 years), since domain unavailabilities have been occurring randomly & for limited amounts of time, while the games themselves didn't display serious problems with connectivity.

  • Unfortunately, we no long use a solid block of our own IP addresses. Amazon assigns them to us, more or less randomly from our point-of-view. As best as we can tell, VPN is the best way to play the game from locations that have accidentally blocked access to the game.