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What's the best way to beat Cyndr with just Heroes and one player?

I've been playing through EotN recently (still kind of new to the game) and I've hit a road block. I knew I probably would with just myself, but what do all of you lovely people out there have as far as suggestions for me to take Cyndr down?

I'm a Fire Ele main using the Searing Flames metabuild (glyph of lesser energy+fire attunement+ some other synergies for max fire damage spam), I've got MOX, Vekk, Ogden, Gwen, Jora, Koss, Acolyte whatsisname, Dunkoro, Koss's friend, and Livia as heroes. I don't have too many extra skills for them. What should I go get and what builds are recommended?


  • The way I used to beat him was to spread out my heroes a lot to prevent the entire team getting 1-shot, flagging the healers/protection heroes on opposite sides of each other so they wouldn't both get hit at the same time (ideally the wurm attacks you or 1 of the three flagged heroes so that only one party member takes the damage at a time). Then I would just run the kegs while the heroes focused on keeping themselves and me alive. Taking an extra healer/protection hero might help too.

    An alternative strategy might be to take a bunch of lifesteal skills, since they can damage the wurm through its armor (ritualist spirits + lifesteal buff?), but that never really seemed to work out for me personally.

    It might be worth it to take a little detour to get some more heroes, too (Ritualists, mesmers and necro heroes are your best friends. You can get the rit hero easily in the Norn fighting tournament). Maybe check out the 7-Hero-Player-Support or 7-Hero Z-Way for some nice hero builds, too.

    Good luck!

  • BigPlays.9260BigPlays.9260 Member ✭✭

    Pretty off topic, but Pain Inverter and Shelter/Union ST rit

  • Agrios.1957Agrios.1957 Member ✭✭

    Pain Inverter, Breath of the great dwarf. Don't use interrupt heroes.

    The last time I run this mission, I used 3 ranger heroes with touch ranger build - despite being overly obnoxious - life stealing damage was able to damage him when it burrowed.

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