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Why was Salma's skin tone changed in guild wars beyond?, and krytans in guild wars 2

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Before that, krytans had a mostly uniform tanned-brown color. (Hablion, Dorian, Magi Malaquire) Now they are like ascalonians or orrians. (Although the mantle savants were of a lighter skin, and the shining blade displayed a variety of skin color too.)

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  • Boro.7359Boro.7359 Member ✭✭
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    Could be my eyes that deceived me though, they look pretty similar both the standard krytan female model, and Salma, when looking at wiki pictures.


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    Hey started dusting off my guild wars 1 account and the Krytans, had this really cool South American/Mayan/Caribbean vibe to them in the first game I really enjoyed the whole Krytan theme why does everyone look like Ascolonians now save for the queen? I get that Kryta became a melting pot, but its just so different.

  • Was wondering that myself. Perhaps a lot of ascalonian refugees intermaried with the local population. Not mean to sound insesnitive but the former krytans had way darker skin and their clothing was also different.

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    Well, it's also been roughly 250 years. A lot can happen in that time period. Kryta is a melting pot, especially since a good number of Ascalonian refugees came to Kryta, both during the initial exodus and in the eighteen years between then and the Foefire.

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