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The Eye of the North

One thing I was/am interested in is the origin of the Eye of the North and the Hall of Monuments. These two are simply there at the beginning of EotN and we know close to nothing about them. At least they are shrouded in mystery i would say. So I hoped to learn a bit more about these places in GW and GW2, but sadly I found no more infomations. I also was kinda letdown about their fate in GW2. So I would like to know: Who build them? Why did they abandon it? Why was only the Ebon Vanguard "brave" enough to occupancy them? Why did they decay between GW and GW2?(Dragons? Magic?) What was the Scrying Pool really and can we build another one, e.g. in Lion's Arch next to the Mystic Forge? Such a thing would be useful nowdays, too ;)


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    My personal bet is on the Jotun.

    If you played the GW2 Norn personal story, you discover that the Jotun were once a powerful and less barbaric race. During the Jotun path on Arah explorable dungeon, you discover the ancient Jotun were stargazers.

    So, IMHO, the ancient Jotun were the ones that build the Eye monument.

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    I'd claim the gods created it.

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