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HoM and GWAMM... So close!

I picked up Guild Wars the January after launch and played it almost exclusively on a daily basis until the Guild Wars 2 beta. After given the gift of jumping in Tyria with Guild Wars 2, it was hard to go back. My only regrets are of being one PvP statue away from a complete Hall of Monuments (even after years of trying for Z-Keys on and off) and one complete title from getting GWAMM. I wonder if other players have had similar experiences. My question is... did the Hall of Monuments turn out the way it was intended? Or were there bigger plans to integrate the two games that didn't bear fruit?



  • Have to confess my target in HoM was a lot easier - just wanted a ginger cat - everything else was extra loot :> Think HoM helped by bringing some reminders to GW2 of what you had invested in the first game and for that I thank the developers. Think biggest problem between 2 versions is to have a way to reward people without giving any unfair advantage. Cosmetics were and are lovely - think need to tour HoM again to see what all have not yet claimed these many years later.

  • As someone who did a great deal of work on the GW1 side of the Hall, I think it actually did surpass the original vision, which would have been more modest in terms of rewards in GW2. I was surprised to see the list of rewards, and it got me motivated to get my own account into shape!

    (I personally long ago settled at 45/50, because I fell far behind on Vanquishing and the task was too daunting)