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Everything about the Asura.

Let me first tell you my story with your game. I never played any MMO on daily basis. I was never hooked up like my friends when they started playing WoW. I played maybe 4 hours total before I dropped out. Orcs and Elves , stiff combat that were not things I was looking from a video game. I remember reading about your game in some old gaming magazine back in the days I think it was upon release of Eye of the North. That was the first time when I've heard name "Guild Wars 2" . Many years passed and we got to the year 2012. Back in the day I was huge fan of Angry Joe and I've watched his review of your game. "MMO different then others", "No grinding chores", "Personal story","10/10". I was like, wow Joe, what you talking about, for sure MMO can't be game worth the highest score you gave only to Red Dead Redemption. So I watched the trailers. The one with the old Rata Sum in it. And thats when I got interested. What are those little tech heavy creatures. Not goblins, not gnomes... something new? I've started watching and reading more about your game, and this particular race of cave dwellers and in about two weeks I was sold. I bought the game, and rest is history now. I have 9 characters for each profession, all of them being representative of the Asura race . Since than I even played some of the GW 1 to learn more about the lore and the world.

TLDR: I love the Asura race they are the main reason why I started and still play this game.

So my question will be Asura heavy. Who come up with the idea, or the concept for this race? How many iteration and changes they went through before we got what we know today as them? I'm asking literally about everything you could tell me about them, change of their look, character and culture. Did the Asura were supposed to be advanced and heavy tech race from the get go or did that come later?



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    no grinding chores

    H A H
    my how times have changed

  • I don't know the answers to all of your questions, but I can comment a little on part of their origin that I remember. The Asura were originally an NPC race for the cancelled Utopia expansion; in that incarnation, they were similar looking but less advanced and were more of a standard cave-dwelling goblin-like race. Over time, they were revised to be more magic-oriented, eventually culminating in the science-magic that became one of their most prominent features in Eye of the North.