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Hidden Fun Facts gw1

Game developers across the ages have hid different things within their games that take days, months, or even years before people find it. For example the arena net symbol in the gw2 pvp lobby or the turkey room in ascalonian catacombs. Do you guys have any hidden rooms or fun facts about gw1 that you don't think people have found yet? What are your favorite hidden things in gw1 that have been discovered?



  • Oh my gosh -- what a fun question! I'll see if anyone can give some "inside info" on this from a developer perspective. :)

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  • Redfeather.6401Redfeather.6401 Member ✭✭✭

    That's a really interesting question, Brisingr Reamz. I'd love to know too! I think a lot of people would surprised if there was.

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  • Kilrik.6320Kilrik.6320 Member ✭✭✭

    I'm a huge fan of gw1 and played for many years, but since it was a world without jumping and a true z plane, I actually doubt things were not happened upon at some point. I was a wall-hugger myself for my exploration title "Tyrian Grandmaster Cartographer" and the other corresponding titles for Cantha and Elona, and I feel like I've seen every square inch of each map working on that .1 % of map completion. I will say there were parts that had great details that would have gone missed if not charting for the achievement, but most of the unusual discoveries were where you broke the map and saw to the great infinity and beyond. I specifically remember this in the Shiverpeaks area hugging the highest inclined elevations of mountains. Finding all the nooks also included using /stuck quite a bit as well. That said I have to give credit for what they are doing now in gw2 and the fact that they made map completion so much less tedious. =)

  • If you did not see Stephan Clarke-Willson's post containing a fun video that he made years ago, you should look. Here's the link.

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  • Boro.7359Boro.7359 Member ✭✭

    I loved how a shiverpeak exploration track was playing at the fountain. It always made me nostalgic to the innocent days of first setting foot to the shiverpeaks.

  • @Stephen ClarkeWillson.1802 answering with a puzzle just gives us more diving to do to figure out what 2006 you was thinking hehe.
    @MatthewMedina.5419 Do you have pictures of the textures that have the buried references to homestar runner , strongbad, and trogdor? Perhaps a gw2 styled trogdor dragon picture haha.

  • Motoko.2875Motoko.2875 Member ✭✭

    This game has had many more years of activity, popularity, and longevity than I imagine any of you dev's thought it would have.

    With all of the weird things players have learned, discovered, and kept track of...

    Is there anythings that you are aware of that have not been discovered by anyone?

    Example: Items, quests, events