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How did the canthans get their food?

Considering cantha comprises a mega city, a stone forest and a jade sea, how did the canthans produce enough food to feed their population? I'm legitimately curious.... Am I missing something? considering how they became isolationist after gw 1 I'm guessing they don't import most of it. The only thing I can think of is they have a serious fishing fleet, but fish probably wouldn't keep long enough to get to the luxons and kurzicks so I've gotta wonder.



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    Cantha is surrounded by a non Jade ocean. Boats that could be fishing boats are depicted near the Kaineng docks.

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    probably Luxon Style Grilled Seige Turtles after the submission to Empire of the Dragon

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  • The suggestion of fishing is a smart one - there could also be edible plants available in the surrounding waters. I've personally always imagined there to be farmlands in the green areas of the map that the player doesn't visit as well. Even ignoring that idea, Echovald forest and the Jade Sea aren't without some growing plants, and Shing Jea island has a few visible farming villages.

    The area is described as being deprived of resources though; it wouldn't be a stretch to guess that some of its strife, particularly with the gangs in Kaineng, has its roots in the limited available land surrounding Kaineng City.