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Best GW2 Game

Best GW2 Game 90 votes

Core GW2
33% 30 votes
Heart of Thorns
30% 27 votes
Path of Fire
26% 24 votes
None, I like GW1
10% 9 votes


  • Maikimaik.1974Maikimaik.1974 Member ✭✭✭

    Core content was the most fun to play, but that doesn't mean that I dislike the expansions. New content is always good.

  • Danikat.8537Danikat.8537 Member ✭✭✭✭

    All of the above.

    There are things I like and dislike about all 3 'versions' of GW2 and GW1 and I find it very hard to choose between them, other than I think I prefer GW2 to GW1. For example I like the HoT maps more than PoF or the base game (no, really, I like having to figure out how to get from A to B and finding 10 things I didn't know to look for along the way) but I prefer the story in PoF and I love the mounts. But then I really liked the branching story in the base game and feeling like you had more of a choice on how things were done, I think it gave it a lot more replayability.

    So I like them all for different reasons and I'm really not sure which I like most.

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  • DragonFury.6243DragonFury.6243 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I love all the game in general but in competitive modes I hate pof because I think they made the pof elites to sell not to enjoy the game
    May be I'm wrong but that how I feel about pof

  • Steve The Cynic.3217Steve The Cynic.3217 Member ✭✭✭✭


    I like the baseline personal story, even now, so Core is my favourite.

    But Core has a pile of personal emotional baggage(1), and HoT gave me Dragonhunter for my favourite Guardian, so HoT is my favourite.

    But neither Core nor HoT has mounts, Weavers, and Holosmiths(2), so PoF is my favourite.

    And LS4 let me send Cleopatra Aegyptus (the aforementioned Guardian-turned-Dragonhunter) to Istan, where her namesake (a Paragon) began her career with the Sunspears in GW1, so LS4 is my favourite.

    But of course none of them have female Vabbian Necromancer armour like in GW1, so GW1 is my favourite.

    (1) My wife and I began GW2 together on Early Start launch day, and we cranked to level mid-20s before she decided that the combat system was not for her, so she stopped. Later on she passed away (cancer is a real downer), and when I got back into GW2 and finally finished Victory or Death, the aftermath sequences left me in tears. That sort of emotional baggage.

    (2) I'm also a Star Wars fan. The Holosmith's Sword is the closest thing we'll get to an actual lightsabre...

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  • Cyrin.1035Cyrin.1035 Member ✭✭✭
    edited May 31, 2018

    Definitely Core. There is nothing that can recapture that experience. That journey from character creation to joining an order to exploring the world, growing as a character, fighting the undead, becoming the commander, facing Zhaitan, and then celebrating victory with "Fear Not This Night"... is one of the best experiences I've had in a game ever.

    The story was at its best IMO taking on the Elder Dragons as forces of nature and trying to save the world. I preferred when there was a strong focus and a significant story direction as opposed to the Caudecaus, Balthazar, and current Joko snoozefest.

  • Wisty.1867Wisty.1867 Member ✭✭

    For me, Core holds the most nostalgia, and has maps that I willingly go back and complete and explore. I like the world so much more, so it gets my vote. However, HoT has some great (repeatable and challenging) content and fun to explore maps when they're not super frustrating. PoF had better story, narrative wise, but the region fell flat for me. Besides the collections and story, I didn't feel much draw to go back to it as much as the other two sections. That being said, I love all 3 major "sections" of GW2.

  • DeanBB.4268DeanBB.4268 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I voted Core, but really it's all one game. And that doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy GW1 prior to GW2, but I can't imagine going back to it now.

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  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited June 1, 2018

    Would like to see new maps inspired from the old/core ones, the design was great, everything had a place. Now with HoT/PoF it's like spitting the same bunch of assets everywhere, no creativity, the maps feel useless without the metas.

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  • Goettel.4389Goettel.4389 Member ✭✭✭✭

    HoT, but I love all of it. Don't care for GW1 though.

  • Kolache.3964Kolache.3964 Member ✭✭

    Anything but HoT :)

  • Mea.5491Mea.5491 Member ✭✭✭✭

    HoT because of the meta events & Sylvari lore! <3

  • RoseofGilead.8907RoseofGilead.8907 Member ✭✭✭✭

    All of the above. I may not care for HoT as much as I do core and PoF, but there are still elements of it that I love (and I especially love being able to glide in core and PoF content).

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  • Ardid.7203Ardid.7203 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Core was amazing, but HoT was equally amazing without needing to rely on the "total novelty factor". PoF is just meh for me. I'm not that into mounts and flat maps.

  • Cyrin.1035Cyrin.1035 Member ✭✭✭
    edited May 31, 2018

    @Mea.5491 said:
    HoT because of the meta events & Sylvari lore! <3


    I loved the Sylvari lore and development in HoT. My second favorite installment just behind Core, though it lacked a fitting resolution. PoF was also excellent, but the Balthazar focus and how they executed his story was very disappointing.

  • Ashabhi.1365Ashabhi.1365 Member ✭✭✭

    I think you need to add an "other" option.

    There are aspects of all the games, including GW1 that appeal to me. There are also parts of all of the chapters, expansions and core games that irritate the kitten out of me. As far as being the "best" the answer is: parts of all of them.

  • Rezzet.3614Rezzet.3614 Member ✭✭✭

    eh I loved all of GW2 till the condi meta arrived and then got steroids in HoT and then further up in POF

  • Sylent.3165Sylent.3165 Member ✭✭✭

    I voted core, the maps I thought were better, the classes in my opinion did feel a little more balanced, the meta events I found much more fun. Each expansion I just feels takes a leap back from what made this game feel so unique and fresh from the start.

    Honestly anymore I feel this game is similar to wow and ff14 except the grind brings me nothing at all as I'm happy with my skins, so I have no point playing sadly.

  • Hybarf Tics.2048Hybarf Tics.2048 Member ✭✭✭
    edited May 31, 2018

    Years ago the game was advertised with world boss, dungeons & underwater combat in mind, and since then they have flushed it all down the proverbial toilet.
    That's why for the poll I chose GW 2 core system, so no expansion will ever replace the original for as long as they ignore my above statement.
    With the expansions so far it's like getting eye candy, but eye candy alone is like getting left overs every day and never getting a fresh main course. :s

  • Kitty.6219Kitty.6219 Member ✭✭✭

    All of it, for different reasons and tastes, I love all of it <3

  • Warkind.6745Warkind.6745 Member ✭✭✭

    Balthazar was the first good boss fight imo.

    All is vain.

  • akenoyuki.8210akenoyuki.8210 Member ✭✭✭

    The most important thing for me is the story
    And from Core Tyria to Heart of Thorn to Path of Fire, each story is really good.

    But if I have to pick, I'll vote for HoT because I also love map-scale metas.

  • Wildman.9641Wildman.9641 Member ✭✭

    Core was a good game. HoT was a steaming pile. POF was better but the bar wasn't high.

  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited June 1, 2018

    The best was core, extension haven't reached the level of fun of core gw2. The aetherblades, Scarlet's assault on lion arch, queen jubilee, the four wind festival, the gauntlet, dungeons, the first Halloween... The discovering of southsun cove.... Nightmare tower... only the older players would remember these events which were for me a ton of fun and exploration, and I regret that I haven't playing more during the scarlet's assault. My best map was Aetherblade Retreat. She is awesome, I would like more maps according to the triade: Moutains_Asuras_*Airships, aetherblade is the coolest organization and they just go to trash.

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  • juhani.5361juhani.5361 Member ✭✭✭

    Core Tyria. Lots of different terrain, different cultures to explore, beautiful scenery, and decent mob density. It just feels nice to be there, even in the less pretty areas. For some reason, the personal story feels satisfying even if it's not stellar writing. Events are varied and fun. Most have a decent enough population to complete them. If not, most of them scale down enough to solo. I find the experience there to be casually fun and mostly kind of chill.

    HoT has some pretty scenery but it's awful to travel. PoF is slightly better, but the mob density and cc's are out of control. Plus, you can't sit still long enough to check your map. The second you've made it up to what looks like a nice ledge with a beautiful view, you've disturbed Mama Veteran Jacaranda and her stunning, endlessly self-healing babies. Sometimes it's good to take a quick break to check inventory, your maps, the skyline, etc., but odds are you can't in either expansion's maps.

  • Jethro.9376Jethro.9376 Member ✭✭✭

    While core WvW was the best PoF content is more fun to play than core/HoT

  • Arden.7480Arden.7480 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Gonna scale all the parts of GW2 (1-10)

    Core Game: 9,5
    Season 1: never played it
    Season 2: 8,5
    Heart of Thorns: 9,5
    Season 3: 8
    Path of Fire: 9
    First two episodes of Season 4: 10

    So it's like 9,08 for the whole game. :)

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