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Firstly thanks for taking the time to host this AFC, as a Guild Wars veteran it's made for some fascinating reading so far.

So here's my first question: what are your GW1 regrets? Content you wished had made it in to the game but never did, maybe content that did make it in but that didn't work out as well as you'd hoped for or expected, that sort of thing.

And here's one more question, as I appreciate the first might be one you'd rather not answer (or don't have an answer to!): When work began on Guild Wars 2, was there any aspect of the original game and expansions you were particularly excited about exploring again hundreds of (in-game) years later? Of course this could be something that hasn't made it into GW2 yet ....



  • obviously im not an Anet member but if im not mistaken, there was supposed to be an elite area for each of the 5 gods, i wish those all made it in

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    One of the back-end servers I worked on was the automated tournament server. We had hero battles which were 1v1. As Linsey has said elsewhere, it was a bit of a broken game mode, which is why it is gone.

    But ... when it first came out, it was reasonably busy. I had written the AT server so it could support any size tournament. I wanted to have a special 1024 person single-elimination tournament - that's only 10 rounds of short 1v1 matches, so it would have been doable, and there were enough active players to have it happen. So I set up such a tournament and tested it. And everything worked great ... except the UI in the game was limited to drawing 32,000 pixels or some such. And the history of 10 rounds of 1024 players far exceeded that. So ultimately we couldn't run a tournament that big ... solely because of the UI. I think it would have been fun.

    I think the max tournament size we could do 100% reliably was 128 players. I think 256 worked sometimes, but was right up against the limitations in the UI, ,so we avoided it for safety reasons. (If there were more players than a single tournament could support, we would automatically run several concurrent tournaments.)

  • As a player, I've always felt regretful about the whole concept of stealing one of Glint's eggs.

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    @Gaile Gray.6029 said:
    As a player, I've always felt regretful about the whole concept of stealing one of Glint's eggs.

    Especially since everything turned out so horribly for said egg. =(

  • Oh gosh...I'm regretful every time I pass one of my particularly ugly props in the original game. I know that every asset helped make me a better artist, but some of the ones that made it to Live I'm...less than proud of. LOL

  • The Mercenary Hero UI is really programmer-art looking, and that's my bad. In a general sense, there are any number of programming solutions that I wasn't happy with, like the backend for fancy weapon effects seen in the Decade set, but at some point you have to stop polishing the code so that QA can confirm it works.

    To not have a thread of entirely remorse, here's a non-regret: some of the henchmen added for Codex Arena were based on cut characters from various bits of content I worked on throughout the years. Their stories won't ever be told, but they exist in the game now, and I like to think it pays a little homage to the numerous designs and stories that by necessity are left on the cutting room floor.

    Nightfall being the first campaign I worked on, I was very excited to see Elona and particularly Vabbi again.

  • I thought of something else: If the Mursaat are truly gone, I regret that very, very deeply.

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  • After EotN shipped, I basically disconnected from GW1 development to focus on GW2. No big regrets there, though I wish I had been more aware of/mildly involved with developing GW1 live updates during that time.

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