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[FENX][NA]- fun guild seeking new ADULT members, newbies and veterans



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    invites sent. welcome to all of you!

  • Koi.5938Koi.5938 Member

    Hi Fenix,

    I just returned back to the game after a 2 years. Can you shoot me an invite to your guild ?

  • Hello there! I'm a returning player looking to join a guild that is okay with a new player joining their ranks. I played back at launch for about 8 months, but haven't played since then. Generally an easy going player, tend to stick with PvE but am also interested in trying WvW at some point. EST timezone. Do you think I might be a good fit to try FENX out? :)

  • Eman.4710Eman.4710 Member

    I would like to join the guild. My in game name is Devils Trigger.

  • Hey all, I am a brand new player to the game. Coming from Wow, i'm looking for some new friends and a place to call home. I would love to join your community. I hope to hear back from you soon, Thanks.

  • Hi I am a returning player looking for a good guild and would love to join your guild.

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    Invites sent. Welcome!

  • I'm a returning player looking for a guild and a place to learn the new expansion. I would love an invite to your guild!

  • Hi there! I'm a returning player. Still a noob in many matters, not so much a noob in a selected few. XD I'm looking for a more casual/social to semi-casual environment, a "harbor" so to speak. :) I think I've ran into you guys a few times just out in the open/dungeons and you were nice people, so I'd like to join please. :D Also, I have a buddy who is just starting out and I'm trying to get him a guild too.

    My ID is:
    (In case it's not already showing)
    My buddy's ID is:
    Rob Of Ages.9368

    Thanks! XD

  • Is this still available to join? Me and my buddy just bought both expansions. But we are new to guild wars. If you don't mind completely new people we would love to join!!

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    Hi! i would like to join. I just return to gw2 and just bought HoT. I'm a casual player, usually i play at random time, but usually is at afternoon to night (SEA). My friend also want to join with me, but he is a new player and free user, and he has random hectic work schedules (SEA too). If you don't mind and you need member:
    My ID: Luraissu 9681
    My friend ID: handjoko.1735

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    Many ages ago I played World of Warcraft with my pink-haired gnome warlock, and had some pretty epic good times. I was my guild's warlock class officer, and even got into some heroic 25-man raid progression, but alas, after the 2nd expansion, WotLK, the good times eventually came to an end. I played GW, LOTRO, Rift and then SW:TOR when they were all shiny and new, but none of them really had the magic I was looking for. I tried SW:TOR again recently but sadly that community has diminished significantly over the years - I did enjoy the class stories though.

    So I saw a YouTube video last week titled "For the first time I'm actually enjoying Guild Wars 2":

    So I decided to give GW2 a go over the weekend. I liked what I saw: new players constantly popping up in the newbie zones; an active game forum; a respectful, helpful tone in general chat (mostly); and some solid game play with what appears to be a near infinite range of customization options. So I went ahead and bought the expansions, and am looking forward to get into this game more seriously. I currently have a level 13 Norn Guardian that I intend to make my main toon.

    A solid, reliable, welcoming guild run by friendly folks is what I am looking for. What I can offer is a self-motivated, mature (mostly) adult that's seen some action in the MMO wars, and would like to settle into a good one again.

    So please if you have a chance to send me an invite and hopefully we can have a nice little chat =)

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    invites sent. Welcome to everyone.

  • Aria.6738Aria.6738 Member


    My wife and I are new-ish/returning players and looking for a fun NA based guild to call home as it were. Hopefully you're still accepting members.

    My ID: Aria.6738
    Hers: Cko.8749

  • Hey guys,
    Returning player here. Played from release up to HoT and then just fell away from the mmo scene for awhile. I am returning now and really enjoying the game, but so much has been added! Would love a friendly guild to help me navigate my way back into this. I enjoy all aspects of this game but am really interested in the post 80 pve content. If you guys are still accepting I would love to join =)

  • Agon.7940Agon.7940 Member

    I'm interested in joining as well. Played GW1 for more years/hours than I can remember, GW2 for the first few months of launch but didn't stick with it. Got back into it with the Bless hype, been enjoying it so far and felt like it was time to look for a home (been solo the entire time). Short term looking for more PvE/PvX while I experience the game and learn what I'm doing. Long term looking at WvW as my main time sink tho, willing to switch servers if the guild feels like a good fit

  • hello, would love to be a part of this guild. just getting back into the game since i stopped back in 2015 when HoT released.


  • Hello, I'm just a week old in the game and also just bought the expansions.. Hoping you could take me in.

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    Hello!! I would love to be a part of this guild. It sounds like a place I could call home. =)

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    Hello, i'm a returning player who have transfer to SoS today and not create a character yet, looking for a fun and casual guild to enjoy Gw2 together, I'm don't speake english so good but I can read and write well (i think so), so, in a couple of hours i'm will create my character and will start to play, if the guild still inviting I'll be grateful to be part of this community.

    Thanks and have a good day.

  • Hey I would like to join up!
    I have a group of friends with me also. I have played the game when it first came out.
    It's been 4 years since I last played so I am a bit lost.
    I have a level 80 with both expansions, but I plan on playing through the game with a new character.

    Got discord, on Sea of Sorrow, eastern time zone, and 21+.
    I feel like im a good fit.
    Add me Ricky.4596

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    Invites sent. Welcome everyone.

  • Heya! Not a returning or new player but been active since HoT came out. Got about six ascended-out characters with two ready for t4s and most of them used in raids. Been going solo for a bit so been wanting to find others to help with. :) I love just about every type of gameplay with a interest in getting into WvW soon.

  • Hello i would like to join your guild, (Total Noob) im new to the game, recently bought POF and im enjoying it, i ask would you guys mind showing me around, and get me started on my many years to play this game. im a total noob sorry, im an adult and im also online everyday

  • Hey guys. I've been playing the game off and on for a few years now, but I've been a solo player the entire time, so I'm completely new to dungeons, fractals, and raids. I have both expansions, and now that I'm almost done gearing a character to participate in them, I need to find a few people willing to do them with me (and teach me because I still kind of suck at the game). Cheers!

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    invites sent. Welcome!

  • jkoi.7014jkoi.7014 Member

    I would love to join this guild! I'm new to GW2, but excited to get involved!

  • Hi. I would be interested in joining. Back to the game after a long break. Levelling a new toon and am currently level 30. My playtimes would be after work (6-9pm central) on random days during the week and on weekends


  • Hi. I would love to join this guild. I am new to GW2. Currently playing a ranger at lv31. I am looking to enjoy the game with my guildmates.

  • Hello there i just came back to GW2 after like 4 years looking to get into the xpacs, would like to join you guys while i get to know the game again

  • Hello! I'm looking to join. :) I took a break for a bit, but now I'm back and wanting to jump into gearing and running Fractals.

  • New player lvl 40 warrior looking to join. I'm looking forward to do pve stuff.

  • Returning player from the original and GW2 before the expansions. Trying to find a friendly and fun group to play with. I enjoy PvE but like running in a group. Currently on Sorrows Furnace!

  • Please invite me! Legend.2704

  • Returning player here, falling in love with GW2 and looking for a place I can call home in the game!

  • pre expansions returning casual. lf a guild to hang with, chat, ask lots of questions and work my way to end game content.

  • Returning mature player (from the initial release days) coming back and lovin' the game in it's current form...looking for good, active, populated guild for all kinds of stuff and/or things game has to offer. Cheers!

  • Hi! I'm interested in joining. Pre-ordered but never got into the game. Giving it another go now. I liked you guys' description.

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    invites sent! Welcome everyone!

  • Veteran MMORPG player but very new to GW2, casual, love PVE and group events, would love to join! Thanks in advance.

  • Brand new to GW2. Would love to find a group to do PVE with, and meet some like minded folks. Thanks!

  • Hello! New Player here.. I'd like to join if you'll have me. Amy Havoc.8064

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    Looking for an active NA guild that tolerates part-time players. I still work for a living and have a little bit of real life left so please do not expect 100% rep'ing and 24-7 availability but I am still playing. I characterize myself as very casual but enjoy participating in guild activities.

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    Daidai Baobao.8794
    Amy Havoc.8064

    Invites sent. Welcome to the guild!

  • I'd be interested if you'd have me.
    I'm a newish player who is just trying to figure things out, heh.

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    Newish PvE/PvX player looking to join if youll have me.

  • Recently came back after a long hiatus, seems like a cool guild If I can join :)

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    invites sent. Welcome to the guild!

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    Sorry to anyone that posts after this. We are now a full guild - 500 members - and cannot accept any more people currently :(

  • Hi Draco and Merlin!

    This guild sounds like a lot of fun, and I would love to join you guys. Please let me know if there's space!