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Can I use the 80 boost?

Hey folks. First of all sorry for my broken english, not my first language (and I'm tired while writing this)
I don't want to bore you with my story, so I'll be short.
I've been trying to get in gw2 for years, but everytime I just dropped it and played other mmorpgs. This month I was gonna buy Bless, but it turned out to be ''not so good'' to be sarcastic, so I just said to myself ''Let's buy PoF and give gw2 another spin!''.
I started a few characters just to try the professions I didn't remember, leveled an engineer to level 20-ish, and I realized that leveling isn't fun at all for me.
I'm just wandering in the map (which are beautifully designed, I admit it) killing those monster that aren't a threat at all just to fill hearts, and I get bored fast.
I can see why GW2 is known as one of the best mmos out there, the world boss fights are interesting, those dynamics events either, there's a lot to stuff to achieve, the personal story, a lot of complexity in the builds and so on, but the whole leveling process feels like an enormous tutorial that I don't need.
So, I got the Path of Fire boost to level 80 for a character, and taking in account that I've been playing mmorpgs for 10+ years, would it be that bad idea if I use it?
My plan would be to use it, to the whole personal story, then go on with HoT and PoF
I know that I would get a character with unfamiliar talents and skills, but I think that I can learn them in about a week.
Maybe I can boost a Warrior or something ''easy'' like him?


  • If you find leveling boring then it’s worth a try. If it were me doing that I’d take my level 80 to the Cursed Shores map as the mobs there are a little harder than the rest of core Tyria. Once you’ve learned to play your profession there then give the expansion maps a try.

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  • Thing is with the level 80 boost you can try any and all professions you want in the silverwastes. Wanna see what a warrior does try that for a week. Wanna try a ranger same thing. You can try any and all professions in a semi Hard area to see which one you like. That is where you are sent and this is in real time just be sure to deposit the stuff in you bank you wanna keep if you decide not to keep a profession. I see the problem with what you wanna do its from other MMO's its that get up to end game problem as fast as you can. In GW2 that is not needed as much because the design is there to let you enjoy the challenges of every area of the game. Anyway that level 80 boost does not only give you level 80 it lets you try the profession before you decide if that is what you like or delete that and try something else until you find one you do like without having to waste the boost at all.

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    Since this would be your first char I would suggest boosting one youre interested in playing first (thematically or play-style wise), because what constitutes best class varies from player to player. If getting to end game fast is a goal than you can save yourself the pain of levelling up no use saving it up. You also get 2 boost, one from each expansion so you can burn one to speed up your progress. Warrior is a safe class to boost because its in a good spot right now and is easy to play, same can be said of a lot of others too.

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    I have played on and off since early access but couldn't get a character past level 40 in this game. Back at launch, there wasn't any form of navigation hint system etc that offered guidance on where to go next so I found myself wandering aimlessly quite a bit back then. Anyway, I would return over the years for 2 week spurts but never commit. Close to a year after HoT when LW3 Ep1 was launched, I decided to give this game a go one more time as I noticed they were offering boosts. Here is what I learned:

    1. I personally do better, auto-levelling and getting the full skills available and learning from there. I actually go and do the story from Personal through to the PoF content after I boost a character. It is how I learn best so it is up to you to decide if it would be too overwhelming to learn as you go.
    2. The demo in the Silverwastes, does not show you the Elite Specializations. However, if you have under 80 characters, and own HoT/PoF you can go into the PVP lobby and see what the full spec offers you. You don't have to engage in PVP if you don't want to! There are training dummies there you can smack around and see if you like it prior to trying the boost.
    3. If you are getting bored, then I would suggest testing each type of character you like to play in the PVP lobby. Consider the game modes you like e.g. PVE open world, PVP, and WvW and then consider if you prefer melee or ranged and make your decision from there. Personally, I am more comfortable with ranged but raids etc have forced me to learn to love melee as well.
    4. Don't worry if the profession you choose is "in a good place" meta wise. That is really only applicable to raids as you can run open world content till the cows come home and no-one will ever care about your profession or gear. Sometimes they do in certain WvW zergs but that is because they are looking for specific classes to do certain things -- similar to how raids want Chrono tanks and Druid healers.
    5. The auto boost gear that they give you is actually really good for open world power builds. Eventually, though, change the runes out to Superior Rune of the Scholar or Superior Rune of Strength for a power build (all boosted characters come with power builds except Necro which gets Rabid iirc). From there you can start working towards your ascended Berserker stat trinkets in LW3. No, the gear they give you will not make you be a DPS machine, but it will keep you alive in HoT maps. By flipping out the Runes, you will boost your DPS significantly and, should you want to try WvW this gear will be perfect to start in WvW as well.
    6. Once you boost your character and if you own HoT and PoF. Spend time in Verdant Brink dying a lot (cause you will) and train basic gliding. It is worth it -- trust me and it doesn't take long. Get on a Hero Point train and get your Elite specs trained along the way. Once you have basic gliding trained, go to PoF and get the Raptor trained as these 2 masteries, really made a world of difference for me. Don't worry, you can go back and do the story in a proper linear fashion later and going to these maps will not ruin much other than seeing the map itself.
    7. Don't rush it. Sure boost a character, but take your time in each map, get to know the zones. The HoT maps are terribly confusing at first but they are also SO much fun once you get used to them. Enjoy the post-80 journey and don't rush like a race to the finish line.
    8. Be honest when asking questions in map chat; people are really willing to help if you are willing to learn; but also, don't be afraid to jump off the cliff and see what happens or where you land. Part of the challenge of this game, and the joy of it, is that players must read the wiki, read the forums and not be afraid to dive in and learn... even if you die.
    9. Finally, learn to love crafting! you can actually level a character on crafting alone. Generally I recommend people take the gear crafting that is relevant to character they are playing e.g. Tailor on Ele, Necro and Mes and the weapon crafting type that will allow them to craft their own weapons e.g. Artifice on Ele for the Staff.

    I am not sure if I answered your questions but, I wanted to share this insight from my own journey as an "old noob" who just recently committed to this game. What I can say, is that GW2 would have lost a faithful player in me had they not offered the autoboosts and sometimes, some of us just learn better with a plateful of skills rather than being handed one skill at a time.

    Cheers and good luck to you!

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    I believe it depends a lot what type of player is OP.

    Personally, I not the type of player who can jump into a fight full of foes and mechanics, and learn by doing in the fire of action. No way. I need to learn step by step, one thing at a time, and with no time pressure on me. That's why, if I lack the basics at some class, I create a toon, level it up the "standard" way to learn, with focus on the class it will become at 80, and starting learning the corresponding rotation as early as possible. Therefore, I use 80 boosters only for classes I already manage well enough.

    Now if OP is the type of player who can learn within minutes into the fire of action, then to use an 80 boost from the first is no problem. It seems that players nowadays prefer to skip the entire levelling up. I am a bit surprised by that, because it is a key part of the game, but well, that's their choice and I have nothing against it. That's what is good with GW2, free choice for most things! :)

    I'm out of my mind, feel free to leave a message...

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    One thing that @HeavyMetal.2730 should bear in mind: GW2 combat contains "action" elements - moving, dodging, and so on - that fall under the umbrella of "active defence". That's actually the part you need to learn more than the skills themselves. Learning active defence helps on all classes, so apart from certain details(1), it' s a "learn once and never again" thing.

    (1) Two details spring immediately to mind:

    • Daredevil gets three "endurance" points and can use dodges offensively as well as "defensively".
    • Mirage evades but does not move when using a dodge.

    @Biff.5312 said:
    Exercise your whimsy.

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    I would use the boost -> unlock masteries -> do map completion/personal story which would led in doing most of Tyria masteries if not rushed -> LWS2/HoT/LWS3/PoF/LWS4 -> have fun along the way trying out new stuff not to get bored.

  • I really appreciate all the answers, you were kind and helpful!
    I'll use the boost then, I just have to decide which profession will get it

  • SlippyCheeze.5483SlippyCheeze.5483 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @HeavyMetal.2730 said:
    I really appreciate all the answers, you were kind and helpful!
    I'll use the boost then, I just have to decide which profession will get it

    Fine choice. Remember, too: GW2 will scale you down to the zone level. So, if you want to take your boosted character and play in the low level zones, you will get good rewards, and you will have some challenge.

    Also: GW2 classes are actually unique. They are not the same as other MMOs. Just because you like Warrior in other games, you might not like Warrior in GW2.

    Good luck! Enjoy!

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    Use it. Best parts of the game are in the expansions, aka max level.

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