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Despawning Minions and Story-Mode "ability-lockouts"

Greetings Fellow Necros & Arena Net,

Was just curious if anyone else finds it super annoying that Minions despawn during certain parts of story-mode where you get "ability-locked"? By that I mean your action bars get forced into the locked position temporarily while some event/thing happens. I tend to play minion master during the story so I can survive better, but it sucks when all my minions get force despawned right before a fight due to the story mechanics. I'm currently doing some stuff in Orr as well, and everytime I pickup some leyline energy (need it to cleanse undead), all my minions go poof.

I know Necro isn't in a good place at the moment with regards to PvE and there are tons of things of higher priority that need fixing. It would just be a nice quality of life change if they could persist through the ability lockout.



  • Anchoku.8142Anchoku.8142 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Do not expect that to change any time soon. Think of it as a feature.
    Think of it also as our god Grenth telling us to make death by our own hands to serve him better.

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