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What's currently the fastest way to get hero points and mastery points?

Returning player and wanting to unlock my full mirage skill line. Also want to progress in the various mounts. What is the fastest way to do this?



  • sokeenoppa.5384sokeenoppa.5384 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Hero points: Join in for hero point train
    Mastery points: just run around and commune em, nothing special.

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    There are guides for each to help you efficiently locate them. In terms of actually getting them, the HPs are nothing like HoT in terms of difficulty, and mastery points are even easier, aside from a couple of mini games that give some people trouble.

  • Ashabhi.1365Ashabhi.1365 Member ✭✭✭

    @sokeenoppa.5384 said:
    Hero points: Join in for hero point train
    Mastery points: just to around and commune em, nothing special.

    If you hang out in Amnoon long enough, you'll see people group up for an HP train. Some will take you around the Crystal Oasis, and some will take you through all of the zones. Either way, it won't take long at all. Some of the HP trains also do Mastery Points.

  • Hero point trains are always pretty helpful for newer players or someone that is struggling to solo the fights. However, if you're pretty confident in your ability to solo them, just look up a hero point route through each zone. Doing your hero points is also a REALLY good way to get xp to fill out your mastery tracks. As far as collecting the mastery points themselves, just explore the maps and commune with the ones you come across, and do the PoF story. Also, don't forget that you can repeat any of the combat-related hero points every day, and since the mastery bar is shared across all characters, doing the hero points on multiple characters will fill out your masteries very very quickly.

  • Biff.5312Biff.5312 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I solo my HPs and it takes no time at all. If you only do the ones in each PoF map that are easy to find and require either a commune or fighting a minor champ, you can solo quickly and get enough to unlock an elite spec in maybe 90 minutes. There's also a few in the first HoT map that are very easy to reach if you go there first. Skip anything with a champ too hard to solo (unless others happen to be there doing it as well) or that is difficult to reach.
    The mounts/masteries takes longer, but the key is to get Raptor 3 first, then get your springer right away, then the skimmer. The others can wait really. You don't need them - they're just nice to have.

  • Idunaz.5317Idunaz.5317 Member ✭✭

    Thanks for the replies. I've done all the HoT HP's, but the first couple I tried to solo in Crystal desert I couldn't kill. I have one ascended weapon and 4 pieces of ascended armor along with full ascended accessories and the rest exotic gear, but seems I don't do much damage. I am a Mesmer using Greatsword/Scepter-Shield.

  • If you're NA, Trixi Morrigna runs HP trains frequently:

    I am not the leader of this initiative. Read the original post & contact Trixi if you have questions.

    Saturday June 23th* starting at 5pm Server Time at Shipwreck Peak in Verdant Brink on the North American Server is the time and place!

    This Run will cover and open all of Verdant Brink, Auric Basin, Tangled Depths and the non-Meta portion of Dragon Stand. This is moderately paced, helpful and I try very hard not to leave anyone behind.

    What you need: Basic Glide - that is it!

    What I'll bring: Food, Utility and Hero Banner Buffs through the whole day.

    What you'll get:

    All Waypoints opened
    360 Hero Points (Basic Glide gets you 350)
    50+ MPs - Communes, Strongboxes and Achievements
    Some achievements - a bit of AP there ;)
    Quite a few hard to find or reach Vistas and PoI - not full map completion but we get a lot of them.
    Some events we cross
    Pretty good XP and Loot zerg along the way

    It is a full day if you stay for the whole thing, about 7-8 hours including regularly scheduled breaks, but you're free to stay for what you can. After the main run if there's interest I'll circle back for Overseer, Vinetooth Prime, Potoni the Massive and Skelk Regurgitant with their related events.

    Starts at 5pm Server Time (12 noon CDT US) but will be on LFG between 4:30 and 4:40 Server Time. I'll try and have the squad up at or around 4:15 Server Time and you can whisper me for an invite. You can contact me at Trixi Morrigna or Morrigna.1704.

    And this is a free service, tips are absolutely not required.

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    Mastery Points on PoF Maps are really easy to get.
    Same goes with Hero Points

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  • Voltekka.2375Voltekka.2375 Member ✭✭✭✭

    If you do wvw, the absolutely fastest way is to buy the hero points via the heroics notary vendor, it takes a minute to unlock Hot and PoF hero points. Otherwise, in Hot, join a hp train (some hero points are doable solo, too) . PoF hps are soloable, but a hero point train makes it fast, too.

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    Just stroll through the heart of the maguuma, in an afternoon you’ll have more points than anet allows you to use

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