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What Profession Next?

Rhaethe.8045Rhaethe.8045 Member ✭✭
edited June 26, 2018 in Professions

I have 3 80's currently.

Elementalist (Staff Tempest, sometimes Staff Weaver, sometimes Core)
Ranger (Shortbow Druid)
Warrior (Core Axe)

I only do Open World PVE. No plans to Raid or even Fractal regularly. Just focusing on Dailies and exploration/heart completion and mastery points and all that OW stuff. I also tend to prefer somewhat casual play ... I am not known for having the best hand-eye coordination, or long limber fingers. I hunt and peck type, if that is any indication .. albeit pretty speedily for hunt and pecking, lol.

I play the ranger and the ele most. My warrior, well, I only love the look of the character. Her face/race/etc ... not the animations (or lack thereof). My ranger is also more sturdy, for some reason. Maybe because I tend to move around more as my ranger. For some reason I get on my warrior and I go into "dumb facetank mode" automatically aaaand die, while I certainly dodge and whatnot as the Ranger and live. The Ele? Well, I love the flashiness of my Elementalist, and doing the daily World Boss circuit with her is fun.

Anywho, am looking to 80 out another character. I might wish for the sturdiness of the Ranger but the flashiness of the Ele. Any professions like that?


  • SlippyCheeze.5483SlippyCheeze.5483 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Rhaethe.8045 said:
    Anywho, am looking to 80 out another character. I might wish for the sturdiness of the Ranger but the flashiness of the Ele. Any professions like that?

    Mesmer has a medium skill floor, and a high skill ceiling, but meets your requests. With clones, phantasms, and a pile of active defenses, it can be extremely robust, while still being pretty flashy. If you play really poorly it'll be pretty squish though.

    Depending on taste, you may find holosmith hits the bar -- and possibly core engineer too -- for flashy enough.

  • I'd say Warrior but you already have that best profession. :wink: So for casual play that's sturdy and a bit flashy I'd almost say Necro could be depending on what you want to do. Engi could be fun for Holosmith for it's flashieness not sure how tanky it is.


  • Klowdy.3126Klowdy.3126 Member ✭✭✭

    I would suggest DH, or renegade, not because they fit what you stated, but because they are really fun to play. I play bow/GS DH, and I love it. Traps are fun, the bow is fun, and GS is never boring. I made a few changes to the meta build, picked up the talent that gives more health, and I take an extra tap, changing it for the situation, but I have very little problems in OW or LW.

    Renegade is very fun, too. It's awesome watching things melt when you get big groups clustered together. The short bow is pretty cool as well, though kala is lacking a bit with the destroyable AoE utility.

    If you are looking for a solo best, I would also look into necro and either of its elites. I love GS, so I'm mostly reaper, but scourge is really fun, too.

  • Rhaethe.8045Rhaethe.8045 Member ✭✭
    edited June 29, 2018

    So I took some advice I was given and created a character and took them straight to the PVP Lobby. Tried out a bunch of different professions and e-specs that way, at least tried out how their skills looked and how the weapons behaved. Didn't try tuning traits or anything, or actual pvp ... just puttered around with animations and the golems.

    I found that Dragonhunter was fairly fun, as was Mesmer, both Mirage and Chrono. Deadeye was fun, too, although I suspect that it's stationary-ness might annoy me after awhile. Revenant I am still unsure about. I liked, but it didn't give me the oh hey yeah I'll play THIS feeling ... at least not yet. I think it is a prof you have to warm up to.

    All three versions of necro annoyed me, although I cannot put my finger on why. One of those professions I WANT to like, but just don't. Same with engineer.

    I'll have to dive into the mesmer forums and see which spec works best for staff/gs, as well as the guardian forum and see if longbow DH works fine as a power-based spec.

  • InsaneQR.7412InsaneQR.7412 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Necro probably. Its fantastic for open PvE, not really group content viable though.
    Minion madter trivializes all content and reaper is faceroll and can butcher everything in your path with a GS.
    Otherwise id say guardian. Good close up AoE dmg, DH does fantastic dmg with traps and firebrand burns everything to ashes (although more tricky to play)
    You can build both guard and necro so they do not need any crit chance and still crit 100% of the time thus you can invest more in survivability for more relaxed gameplay.