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Would you like to return to Gandara later?

Apart from a story instance where you see very little of Gandara's exterior, we barely get to set foot in the city. Considering all the other cities have been completed (even the evacuated Kodash in Vabbi was quite intricately realized) and the strategic placement of forces all around the perimeter of Gandara, it seems like Gandara was meant to be explorable but got cut.

Would it be worth adding more content to the invasion of Gandara later on, potentially after later episodes have already been released? Would players come back for it?


  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭

    For myself, if they redo the fortress and the meta I will come back. Because this hell vision I got by exploring the actual rest of Gandara, it only push me to escape this awful map. Even the explorable area is bad: Unused side mountains, algae sea at the south, and a very large area unused at east and south. Just like the map at the beginning was planned to cover a larger surface.

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