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Feedback: Official Living World Season 4 Episode 3 Feedback [MANY SPOILERS]



  • Stalkingwolf.6035Stalkingwolf.6035 Member ✭✭✭
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    ok i'm done. i have all achievements including FTG. Overall bit boring. i dont use the beetle for anything. to slow, no use outside 3 walls on the new map.
    there are still a lot of bugs on the new map and outside the map/game. for example API is still broken as usual after a new map/expansion.

    maybe i get the Choya dance but thats it.

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  • Eramonster.2718Eramonster.2718 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Finally completed the story yesterday. Waited for all the bugs to be fixed to avoid hiccups.

    Pros I could think off :
    1. Finally a 3d CG ending instead of 2d narrated drawings :smiley: nice touch on how your character appears as it should be in it.
    2. New mount with ways for on how it's to be utilized. Having fun using it after learning how to make sharp turns drifting(back button) and rolling downhill for jump start.
    3. Fairly challenging fight for an end boss. (For me at least. Way better than zhaitan & mordrem)
    4. The villain dies in the end instead of dragging it on.
    5. The whole journey is accompanied with voice acting.

    The cons :
    1. Felt the villain(Joko) kinda short-lived. Barely know the guy, as if we just killed the true villain Balthazar and we just conveniently remove his sidekick Joko shortly after; different from how I imagined him or how he's portrayed.
    2. Kourna is beautiful to explore, same goes for all LS4 new maps but lacks content to return. The recent Meta events are mindless rally and bash our way through such as Paladawan & Kourna's Lab event.
    3. Story getting too attached to human race/culture. Can't help feeling other races such as Norn, Charr, etc cultures are left out as the story progress.

    What I hope to be improved or find lacking in game :
    1. A true villain nurtured solely for GW2. Never had one, was hoping Joko to be the one, but alas.
    2. Choices in story dialog effects how the story or encounter progress instead of just different dialogs to listen to. Giving players different experience (buff, monsters, npc etc) replay-bility for alts. Eg. Joko have different abilities when another dialogue is triggered etc. Something to talk about and discuss with friends in game about the different choices made.
    3. Meta events with more depth and mini bosses with mechanics. Eg. Verdant Brink, Silverwaste etc are fun imo and some incentives if it's done exceptionally well.

  • What I don't understand is this: one of the biggest things I remember from Bug in the System was that the plague was particularly destructive towards the Charr test subjects - I think the experiments said something gross about their insides being liquefied or something? Either way, it was bad, and I was like "oh kitten, the Charr!" But now in episode 3, the Charr are completely immune to the plague, and a bunch of them are fighting on the front lines. Did I miss something?

  • I'm not going to get too wordy with this since I dipped my toes into ascended crafting and fried my brain. plz excuse typos and stuff im typing this on a phone and autocorrect vexes me

    Stuff I enjoyed:

    • The beetle. I love this little guy and I only wish the dancing was an emote instead of an idle animation. Petey is very fast and for me was well worth it.
    • Still having fun with the map - there's a lot of small details that I enjoy. Like the rats, dancing choya plotting their uprising, ect. I like Kourna but I can see why others might not be too into it.
    • Seeing Aurene flyin around was a nice touch. Pls let me pet my daughter and tell her I love her.
    • The talking Joko statues everywhere give me strength.
    • I enjoyed the story for the most part!
    • Gorrik is disgusting. I love him.
    • That cutscene was super pretty and fun to watch ((with the exception of ghost blob but that wasnt really a big deal to me))
    • I...actually really enjoyed the stealth section.... It was the only time I was really able to get into the stealth mission.

    Not so great for me:

    • Trying to jump around maps to kill a boss that died within 2 minutes of spawning was kind of annoying, but overall i didn't mind the collections for the beetle. Having to wait over an hour just because your game lagged out from all of the people got pretty old fast.
    • Although I enjoy/enjoyed Kourna, the map feels underwhelming considering it's supposed to be the stage for this huge fight. For me it just doesn't put out that vibe - the base of operations doesn't feel like a base, it's more of an empty shopping mall, and the enemy fortress is tiny. It's not very imposing or anything. I dunno, I like intimidating structures/ambiance when something dramatic is supposed to be happening. Subjective.
    • The story elements in this update were my biggest issues.
    • For what a horrible thing the scarab plague is supposed to be they seem to be hilariously easy to deal with. Everyone should just get on raptors and jump on them, throw ghosts at the rest. No Big Deal.
    • Joko is a huge pile of wasted potential. He's an old-as-balls lich that's seen a lot of kitten, and he's been around since the first game. There's a lot he could contribute to the plot without just being just another disposable throwaway midboss. His fight was underwhelming for how powerful he was supposed to be, and way too easy. He knew about aurene, the compact magic-eating dragon, and still fought us in this kitten room with massive open windows? Okay game, sure. After all that build-up, right when the dialog is getting good and the cutscene is going great- Aurene just divebombs in and frankly ruins it. It feels like a cheap way to draw attention back to her.
    • Also the fire lasers made me want to die irl a couple of times. Please don't make me jump things with a charr
    • Meta is... meh. I was really surprised by how quickly it ended when I played through it.

    things I'd like to see in the future:

    • So far the story has just been shuffling one antagonist after another, and it's honestly grown incredibly stale. I've had more fun with joko in his brief appearances than any of the other mini-bosses that have sprouted up after mordy. Balthazaar was fun in his own way, but he wasn't engaging enough. Then he died.
    • Please just give me a fun nasty antagonist to deal with in between trying to sort out the dragon mess. pls
    • DIALOG OPTIONS. I miss them, and this would have been a great episode to have them considering how much joko liked to talk. Another major missed opportunity - imagine the banter if your character didn't just rush in with a massive murder kitten screaming "im gonna kill u" level retorts every time joko called them stupid ur ruining my immersion. They dont have to have a lasting impact on the plot or the instance, but it really helps with replay value and helps it feel like you're not just playing a blank slate. Race/class specific options, ect.
    • Being able to use Peteys boost before it's fully charged would be great - like how you can have the griffons flap their wings halfway into the stamina recharge? It would help with getting up hills without wasting an entire boost.

    I know i sound really negative but I really did enjoy this episode up until the end. The more i thought of it the more it left me feeling like a deflated balloon, it felt like it ended way too quickly and with not much flare. Still, I'm excited for future episodes! Looking forward to seeing where all of this goes. I really like rox's new VA, by the way. It's nice hearing her sound more like a proper charr. I love petey and im still having fun with the content. c:

  • GenghisKhan.7842GenghisKhan.7842 Member ✭✭✭

    There I go:

    • First chapter The Trial was super cheap, convinced the jury with just one sentence, meh
    • Instance with the arm / stealth - not too bad, even tho personally I prefer to smash things - super cool: it saved progress
    • Third mission, the section with the laser was just plainly awful
    • That side of the fortress being basically empty of awakened was weird
    • Fight with Joko was fun, good mechanics, proper duration and difficulty for me
    • The end: while watching the cutscene I was hoping for something more "grand" or creative, that ending felt too cheap, but okay
    • I'm fine this side-story with Joko is over, hopefully now we can have again big breadth story focusing on Kralkatorrik rise
    • The beetle seems nice, I've unlocked it but haven't felt like grinding events for the mastery xp yet
    • Service Medal is a pathetic attempt to let us do old content again (Orr ? Ouch, no thanks)
    • Map is beautifully constructed, but a barren land with a short and unrewarding meta-event, I won't be going back to Kourna anytime soon
    • The awful launch honestly deserves a special mention
  • Calixtus.8617Calixtus.8617 Member ✭✭
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    Very disappointed in this episode.

    Although there were some golden dialougue moments the episode was for me just wrong. This Lich has been around for centuries yet we turn up sneak in his back door and kill him. Just so anti climatic. (unless of course he does his Joko thing and gets regurgitated by Aurene).

    Annoyingly also is some of the poor design or thought to what the player will do. Example 1. - after the fight where you protect Canach blowing up the door it was obvious there would be a back way in. I already flew down just as Braham says "Commander" Had to retrace my steps all the way back to the starting position tand walk back through the skirmishes to progress. If I am the commander surely I can ignore a past sulky Norn and find my own way explore my own option?

    Example 2 - In the previous episode it was just too easy to blink out of the map and it sent you straight back to Desert Highlands. Usually if you go off instance area you get a warning to go back. This happened to me 2 times in the instance when I was blinking past patrols. I should have to look at the mini map to ensure I am not going to port out of the instance when I am immersed in the story trying to be stealthy.

    Ignoring the first day bugs the Episode just feels too short, too contrived and too linear, too rushed. There were Some nice touches with the dialogue. Also not sure why you have to redo part 1 on the same character to get 2 achieves.

    oh yes - the amazing find of a skill ring that was just lying around - lame

    The annoying accidental port to the new map rather than continuing your story - outside the Primeval Tombs.

  • Edelweiss.4261Edelweiss.4261 Member ✭✭✭

    I finally found time to do the episode and unlock the mount. I probably have nothing new to say, but here it is.
    The choices we were given in Amnoon were actually decent, despite not appearing to change anything. What actually changes is the commander and their relations to their companions. Internal change rather than external change. The only reason it didn't work for me is that I don't really like the commander.
    As for the mount, it seems fun so far. I think if you are going to put it behind 3 collections, however. It might be more amenable to players to unlock a portion of the mount per collection. Collection 1 unlocks the mount, collection 2 unlocks Wrecking Ball and Barrier Smash for the player to begin working on, and collection 3 unlocks Big Air. This would make sense as the first two masteries would likely need more than a makeshift/worn-out saddle. Big Air makes sense as something unlockable after getting closer to your mount. As such, collection 3 would really fit with this mastery. Of course, this might lead to other issues(where does a makeshift saddle come from?), but I think this would be a more enjoyable progression.

  • ok, I enjoyed the episode. But the map... the map is just horrible. Always the same few events. It is small, it is boring. The collection to get that backpack is just a mind numbing and soul crushing grind that forces you to stay on that horrible map way longer than anyone should.

    Siren's Landing was fun. Lake Doric was fun. Draconis Mons was fun. Bitterfrost Frontier was fun.

    This is just a bored out of my mind sloughfest.

    I just hope the next map will be better - but I am afraid it will be as bad as Istan and Sandswept - you either force yourself to finish the collections or you walk off to ever return. Because: boring.

  • Hi there,

    I'm gathering all this feedback to insert into a report on Episode 3. Please post today if you have additional thoughts.

    Thanks so much for sharing your input, feedback, and ideas!

    Gaile Gray
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  • Randulf.7614Randulf.7614 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Gaile Gray.6029 said:
    Hi there,

    I'm gathering all this feedback to insert into a report on Episode 3. Please post today if you have additional thoughts.

    Thanks so much for sharing your input, feedback, and ideas!

    Less work, more festival Gaile!

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  • Matt H.6142Matt H.6142 Member ✭✭✭

    The hearts are very grind-y unless you also participate in an event in the heart region. There’s no joy in the map, as well there shouldn’t themetically, but I’ll spend my time in happier places. I did love the fighting factions around Gandara though. Loved the story, happy with Jokos send off. Need more from Gandara. One hallway isn’t enough.

  • @Matt H.6142 said:
    The hearts are very grind-y unless you also participate in an event in the heart region. There’s no joy in the map, as well there shouldn’t themetically, but I’ll spend my time in happier places. I did love the fighting factions around Gandara though. Loved the story, happy with Jokos send off. Need more from Gandara. One hallway isn’t enough.

    the unique heart I feel it's slightly grindy is front line, and even that one is easy if you get many scarab events.

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  • RAZOR.7246RAZOR.7246 Member ✭✭
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    Overall story was really disappointing both in terms of length and direction. There was a buildup towards joko and now he got killed abruptly so directionwise there's really nothing to indicate where it's going exactly and also another concern I have is whether there'd be enough time to build towards another threat before the end of this season. Marvel vs DC is enough indicator of why this would be important. There isn't much incentive to do the other stuff in the map other than grinding some AP. The meta itself is not really farmable compared to istan so there's really no reason to go back to the map once you're done with w/e you're supposed to do there. Beetle was a nice addition but can't think of many other positives with regards to the release. Deepstone is a really disappointing fractal because it offers no challenge to players yet puts in covoluted mechanics which have no other apparent purpose than to waste everyone's time.

    Everyone I've spoken to is bored and underwhelmed with the current content not because there's nothing to do, but there's nothing NEW to do. The other issue is being forced off our mains onto other classes which we don't want to play. There was a poll on 1 of the threads the other day which showed that the majority want to play their main and swap onto other classes from time to time to clear specific stuff. I know 11 people from my friends list alone who have left game since the start of this LS episode + the nerfs to everything didn't help. From a point where you could reasonably get onto any class and have some viability in the endgame, be it raids, fracs or wvw or w/e, now we're looking at entire classes being made obsolete. There are other threads where this sentiment is constantly echoed. Personally I don't want to be forced to play something I don't want to play and that I don't enjoy playing just to be able to clear some content and I know a lot of other people feel this way as well.

    I haven't been farming the past month which would normally lead to my account wealth ranking (which is already ranked near the top) dropping a significant amount yet what I've observed is my ranking increasing by 60-70 places from doing daily fractals and weekly raids alone. This tells me that not only are people leaving but the so-called "top" players are leaving, i.e. those who have invested a significant amount of time into this game. Everyday I log into LA and see people giving away items because they're leaving game. This doesn't look good from a player's perspective. I have to wonder if changes are actually made with the satisfaction of the general population in mind because I know I'm not the only one who feels that my game experience has deteriorated from before.

    My concerns are not limited to the last LS episode but the overall game direction in general. We're looking at 7 months now from the last raid release when we were promised more regular raids and new content by the devs themselves. Based on what I've observed not just from people I know but on these forums as well, feedback regarding the overall game experience falls on deaf ears. Is this the future of the game where stop gaps like festivals are implemented to keep players occupied for a short while before going into a slump again? From a PvE standpoint, people want fast gold, something meaningful to work towards and reasonably challenging content which they can do with other people which this last LS episode didn't offer at all other than the beetle which only took a few hours tops. The clearest indicator of this is the HoT metas being populated yet comparitively you barely find people in PoF maps. I'd imagine even increasing the gold gain from dungeons to make them reasonably farmable would be something worthwhile to do.

    Right now I'm not sure if I'd want to continue investing my limited time and hard-earned money into this game further with the way it's currently going.

  • Vornollo.5182Vornollo.5182 Member ✭✭✭

    My main gripe would be that it's a real shame that you didn't take the extra time to actually make what you guys wanted to make, a simple glance at the Moon Fortress will tell that you had some great ideas with it but simply didn't have the proper amount of time to finish it.

    I know the community will cry out about wanting a new LW Story part and wanting it "now", but if anything has been proven the past few years in the gaming industry in general... It's that Gamers appreciate a developer saying 'Sorry guys, it's not good enough yet, we don't like it yet and we need more time.'
    You already took some extra time, but not enough. It's OK. We all prefer quality in the end.

    On a different note, I really worry about the replayability of this map (and all LW maps for that matter), I'm not a PvE-er so I might be wrong about it. Just feels like a shame to see these beautifully crafted maps gather dust.
    Is it maybe an idea to get some sort of "map completion" thing for all Living World maps..?

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  • Mea.5491Mea.5491 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Some thoughts:
    I enjoyed the story but it was kind of short.
    Joko was hilarious, the final story instance was awesome.
    The Beetle collection was fun to complete.
    The map layout is kind of boring for my tastes and there are a few annoying PoIs.

  • foozlesprite.8051foozlesprite.8051 Member ✭✭✭

    @Fox Reeveheart.1890 said:
    That final dialogue was utterly fantastic, that is some movie villain tier stuff, fantastic.

    I'm sitting there like "HE'S MONOLOGUING! GET HIM!"
    and what do ya know? XD

    I agree about the monologuing trope being ridiculous, but to be fair, he did actually have you frozen with magic.

  • I enjoy the story in the episodes, but best part for me is the final boss fight (like most previous episodes). I enjoy the creative new boss mechanics everytime. :)

  • Fraghound.5730Fraghound.5730 Member ✭✭✭

    The story felt rather short compared to others. I don't like that you had to do hearts during the story - it didn't even feel like it was apart of the story and just felt...well it felt like I was grinding through the hearts more then anything else.

    But other then that, I absolutely love everything! The story, character development, the cutscenes, the map is dang fun to run around and play in. I've spent who knows how long just riding around enjoying the area on my roller beetle - Petey is amazing! The events and meta is quite fun and I'm loving them. Overall fantastic work and I can't wait to see what happens next with the story. c:

    Oh and one more thing: The new music with Blish (can't remember the name, Blish's Sorrow or something like that?), it's my newest fav in the entire game of my gosh I can't fangirl enough with how much I love it.

  • Chasind.3128Chasind.3128 Member ✭✭✭
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    I found this LS4 very bland. It reminded me of a rollercoaster, things are building up/ going uphill then the rest is a drop-off and goes downhill.
    Sure, we got a new mount. But the story took less than an hour to complete and now you're stuck in a very bland map to do minor events that aren't super rewarding like in the earlier PoF maps.
    The epilogue to Joko was funny, but it was odd how everyone just stood around like they were on something or the voice actors not certain how to convey what was going on.

    Also, the female human voice actor has a very cringe-worthy voice and has has a hard time conveying feelings or something. Also, many of the side comments and "witty" one liners are poorly delivered. It's like watching a cartoon meant for children at times. In the early LS things were very chaotic and there was a sense of urgency that is no longer there. I can't take away anything really from this 1st part of the story, except the mildly interesting asura obsessed with plagues and his brother.
    As far as the end result: It only made me want to have a wyvern/ dragon mount and otherwise- no living world story, dramatic event, over dramatic death has yet to top the Scarlet Event when old Lion's Arch was destroyed.

  • Plautze.6290Plautze.6290 Member ✭✭✭

    Yesterday I finally finished the story and what can I say, I liked it overall. The stealth mission caught me by surprise, but a pleasant one. Nice work there!
    I like that the story led me to all the hearts as it showed me the multiple layers of this war and all its sides, even if that showing was a little short.
    What I needed to get used to but ended up liking is the new closing in on characters when they talk during cut scenes as it shows what the engine is capable of. I never thought that the NPCs had facial emotions, but they do!
    The chase through Joko's palace as well as the boss fight was well balanced (apart from that Scarab wall - looked so imposing and dense that I didn't even try to dodge through :cold_sweat: ) and interesting with the whole ring thing, although I found it annoying to manually activate the ring each time... as if wearing it would not be enough and our PC had to rub it every time to make it work. Thanks for not putting lasers into the final boss fight! Annoyed me each time the beastmaster was howling for its brood and I was like "Here comes the pai - Argh!!!". But overall, very well balanced boss fights imho.
    At first glance, I thought the ending to be a mere "Aurene Ex Machina" (next to being quite gross with all those very realistic munching sounds - if I ever eat a thousand year old, regenerating, immortal mummy-thing, I suppose to emit just those crunchy noises), but what else could have happened? Seeing how Joko literally shrugs off all the punishment he just received through our PC, I felt a certain dread and wondered what could save the day. So, even before first glance, I felt relieve, at first glance I thought this to be a real "Ex Machina" moment and after talking to KA-Braham(!), I wondered what else might have worked but tearing him apart and devouring him? After all, in lots of literature, Power can never be destroyed or created, but simply transformed or shifted. Thus, after spending some thought, I really liked the ending and feel excited to get to know what effects the meal will have on Aurene.

    P.S.: I really loved the fact the Aurene was fighting beside me at Corsair's Landing. I died several times just admiring her while Joko's hordes pounded, shot and magicked me into the ground. Imho, that just deepens the "Ex Machina" impression as there was no transition between Aurene fighting the Awakened and Aurene having Dinner. Perhaps having her fire an almighty blue-white blast at the bridge after Canach's badassery (so happy he's back, I could almost see the sunglasses on his face when he said "What about them?") to take down an Abomination. In that way, I would have known that Aurene was at least in the vicinity. But as it is, I was all "Why did she even come here? Have the Corsairs run out of Awakened?". On a second thought, I'd say that the bonding between Aurene and the PC has called her to action, but after the last episodes, I wasn't even sure that the bonding was still intact, with Aurene getting more wild and aggressive.

    All in all, I really liked the Episode! Thanks ANet!

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  • Aeon.4583Aeon.4583 Member ✭✭✭
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    I was really sad, btw, not to see Logan in this episode. In promo Art to this episode, whos that standing next to Braham?
    I really hoped that was Logan, and he is fully recovered. But it's just random Commander :anguished:

    P.s. also, little word about female human voice actress. She is doing a good job! Her voice act really makes me feel that Character went through death and back. Feels like Character still suffer from that experience.

  • Hisui.6893Hisui.6893 Member ✭✭
    edited August 1, 2018

    I really enjoyed the new episode!

    • The 'Forearmed Is Forewarned' instance name is hilarious and Blish is such a cute, sassy character! I found the invisibility part quite challenging but couldn't stop giggling at Blish's "trees don't move" comment.
    • The final scene when Joko is giving his speech about how we are the villians was powerful and incredibly well-scripted in my opinoin! I don't often pay very close attention to dialogue but Joko's argument was very compelling.
    • However, the 'Dance With the Choya' event and Endless Choya Dance Tonic are my ultimate favourite parts of the new content. I think the music during the event is a perfect combination of comical and thematic! I adore Choya!

    I heard there were time pressures for Devs with this episode but I feel they did well considering! Keep it up ArenaNet! <3

  • Dantert.1803Dantert.1803 Member ✭✭✭

    Overall I enjoyed the story.
    Having said that, I felt that the death of Joko was kind of rushed and the fact that Aurene that starts to feel bad after eating the lich and being completely ignored felt really underwelming...I mean, wasn't the commander his champion or something? Wouldn't make much more sense to go check on her as soon as she feels bad? Isn't Aurene the future of the world?
    Also cutting the story like that imo feels cheap, it's not making me want to know what is happening next, but I feel sorry for Aurene and...well I guess I'm going back doing other stuff for 3 months because reasons... It's too much of a long cut in the story for an mmo where you do other stuff in between main story missions.
    As all the other living story chapters I hoped that the story would make me travel around more map areas even the old ones instead of sticking to one.
    The last cinematic with Joko was kitten,I hope they will make more in this style.

    About the map:
    The wall of tendrils makes it harder to navigate but I'm not too mad about it.
    What I really don't like is that the events felt kind of boring to me, after playing all of them once I decided to go back to the previous maps.
    The fact that we can't explore the city in the map makes me so sad...I would have preferred if the devs would have taken more time to also finish that part.

    So my feeling about the episode is that it was rushed and meh

  • Hevoskuuri.3891Hevoskuuri.3891 Member ✭✭✭

    The story bit was surprising to say the least, I loved it. Joko was a fun fellow, but honestly I think we've had enough of the Awakened / death theme by now. Time to move on!

    As for the rest of the release, the beetle is an absolute joy hands down. The Kourna map is pretty and has a bunch of stuff to do, but feels a bit hollow overall. Like most people, I'm sad the Gandara fortress wasn't complete (was expecting it to be an epic timer-free farm of some kind full of mobs, or something). That could have really breathed life into the map. The beetle totally makes up for that, though.

    Overall a solid release once again, good job Anet!

  • Rasta.2371Rasta.2371 Member ✭✭

    Beetle is awesome. I wish the breaking down walls was kind of expanded on. Map felt small; but for the nature of the content if the map was big it would take a long time to get through. Still would have liked to see more of the worldmap. Meta could have been more interesting, the palace area was mostly unused. On the story my hands are up in the air.

  • This episode was fun!

    • The new map was great to explore, and was built for the mount, which is nice - although it would be nice to be able to travel by waypoint as well. My favourite part of Kourna would have to be the stunning beauty of the depths of Ntouka Pond.
    • The stealth mission was really enjoyable, and still a challenge despite the infinite invisibility and one hit kills. The only issue is that it was unclear as to whether Awakened would hear the Stun Bolts and turn around, so I spent a lot of time trying to separate them. It turns out this was unnecessary and the Awakened just... can't hear? Don't care? Either way, it was easier than it seemed.
    • Braham's involvement is appreciated, but we didn't actually get the chance to sort out our differences (other than a few minutes alone, in awkward silence, last episode). Is he just siding with us again because we have a common goal again? I feel this needs to be sorted out.
    • The puzzles were a great concept, although all the trap dodging was somewhat tedious. But the idea of having to search for things that have been distorted in reality is really fun!
    • The fight against Joko was great fun. I liked the dialogue throughout the confrontation. The emphasis on the fact that he can't be killed in "Defeat the Immortal Palawa Joko" was a nice touch.
    • Aurene! Like people before have said, it's strange and upsetting that the Commander doesn't even attempt to talk to Aurene after she saves our life. Not only is Aurene important to both us personally, and the rest of Tyria; but it has also been a long time since we've had the opportunity to spend proper time with her, and she's lying on the floor and groaning in pain. What?! Let us, at the very least, check in and see how she's going!
    • Another thing I found strange was Canach's comment: "It's easy to forget; she's always been the granddaughter of an Elder Dragon. Maybe this is just what they do."
      While we're definitely more humanoid, Canach and I are both grandchildren of an Elder Dragon as well, and we're not going to forget that anytime soon. This comment would have made sense if it was given to someone else in the cast.

    Despite my (hopefully constructive) criticism, I really did enjoy this episode, and I'm looking forward to the next one!

  • Bloadsoaked.6792Bloadsoaked.6792 Member ✭✭
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    I heard complains about dcs from every side: why doesnt anet rent extra servers for those launches for 48 hours, its 2018. I know gaming companies that do that for the players' convenience.

  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭

    What I will ask Anet for the future will be: TAKE YOUR TIME. No matter if many of we became impatient the outcome will be beneficial for everyone if the Episode arrive later. I prefer them to come and say "So we have done the story and the base modeling and additions to the map, but we need an extra time to build perfectly the meta-events and detailed areas". instead of "we review our standards of quality" which mean nothing. I'm okay with stunning cinematic and mount but not at the detriment of map rendering.

    Shiny links, take a look!
    ->Ideas: Housing , Designing a new lounge , New GameMode
    ->Project: ASURAN/PRIMORDIUS EXPANSION available on WIKI.
    ->NEW: Crucible of Eternity path 4: Legacy on WIKI
    ->NEW Asurapedia

  • Loved playing season 4 episode 3 cannot wait to see what happens next and of course we won't know till 3 or even five months later and there fore have for another episode.

  • BeardedBacon.9328BeardedBacon.9328 Member
    edited August 14, 2018

    I jumped onto this thread hoping to see people as enthusiastic as me, as I have been a livid story mode player gushing over my baby aurene kicking butt and now I feel really bad seeing so many tech issues, everything ran smoothly first try for me with the story (minus a few illusion ring trap glitches, but I'm prob just bad lol)
    I've never been so happy about a chapter yet in lws4 so far, from conach's witty attitude, to joko's equally sassy persona, and riding around like keemstar on the beetle.
    But its easy to speak peaches and cream, so here's a more discussive analysis that I wanted to point out:
    Part Commander to Motley Crew: Even as the leader (sorry treefern you aint jack) of 3 major factions and it is really underwhelming, and it can feel really forced. But this time you have a personal connection to every part of your little army, whether its the ghosts, the olmakhan, corsairs, and of course, the sunspears. It felt really nice to see these past connections formed not just go to waste, as alot of people thought might just happen with the olmakhan. Then of course the freaking dragon youve been raising since lws3, slayed t h e God of War with, and know is the last saving grace of the world's balance (since theres no more good dragons to replace the elders, she needs to grow and reproduce or tyria's dun goofed, as joko did confirm taimi's theory) But yes either way I can't say what a nice evolution in the game it was
    ~~Dragons Watch: I was replaying the first lws3 episode to get a character in bloodstone fen and it was crazy to see the birth of Dragons watch and that very calm agreement that it's what Tyria really needs, even if braham is STILL impulsively running off (oh yeah one comment I had, bring back dragonslayer bow braham, he was great)
    Either way its that extra icing on the cake of character development that I love
    With that theres a few characters I feel need some light on them:
    Blish: forced or not it was kinda implied Taimi has a crush on him, and that she's considering the same golem process to handle her disease, so PLEASE dont let him be a background plot advancement, I wanna see who he is, how his brother dynamic is, beautiful things that make me love this world
    Caithe, Logan, Zoija, & Marj: Last spot Caithe was is Aurene's room as a guardian... but aurene evidently has been out and about for a while now, I'm not saying she needs to be prominent but as a sylvari dude I do really miss her. We know Logans scrambling to rebuild the pact but i feel like between faren and how dire the situation was he'd at least message rytlock. Idk if it was just a quick way to hush her off of the story but Zoija, my 2nd fav of DE, has been recovering from the blighting pod for a g e s, but I mean she has an excuse unlike marj just being in her lil fight with kas, which I'd assume kas wouldve apologized for now that she was long over the whole "my gods come first" thing
    The Sunspears: After I got my griffon I had this amazing idea in my head of us charging the gates from the air and maybe after the battle the first marshal would sorta commune with us again or somethng of the sort, I mean, it's been their entire life's worth to stop him and I felt like they should have some light shed on them. But thats mainly cuz I want more cool weapons like the sunscythe, which looks dope on my herald ;p
    Yikes I really wrote an essay but lemme just wrap it up by saying thank you to the anet team for giving me a world to enter, and I hope that the work continues with the new expac with the deep sea dragon Druknaton (see if anyone can see what foreign word I snuck in there for fit in the ocean theme) ;)k630id6lftqz.png ;)

  • Zola.6197Zola.6197 Member ✭✭✭
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    I enjoyed the episode, mostly!

    Only big issue for me was the first instance. I (foolishly) decided to start playing late at night... That is a very long instance. I wish there was some kind of checkpoint or save state in the longer instances, to allow us to exit and pick back up later. I had played too long to click out and redo the instance the next day, so I just stayed up until I was done. Mostly my bad planning, but still... It would be a huge QoL feature.

    The Kourna map felt a bit bland... Felt like a lot of empty space to me. It would have been nice to explore Gandara more in depth as well! One thing I LOVED though - the underwater cavern in the lake. A really neat location. Reminded me of some of the cool nooks and crannies you could find in the original maps. More little detours like this, please!

    Joko was great. He's great. I'll miss him. It's too late now, but I wish he'd lived until the end of the season. He's probably tied with Scarlet for my favorite GW2 villain... But dang, what a way to go, eh?

    Roller beetle is a fun mount. I feel bad for my poor raptor though. I feel like she's never gonna see the sunlight again!

    I get Destiny's Edge is retired now, but I still would very much like to find out what Zojja and Caithe have been up to. Their disappearance is very noticeable in a lot of recent arcs - caithe being tasked to protect aurene, and zojja being a scientist, it feels like they should be actively participating. Bare minimum, have other characters mention them doing things so we feel like other things are happening in the world outside the Commander's bubble?

  • Zola.6197Zola.6197 Member ✭✭✭

    @Sathgirus.1204 said:

    • Aurene! Like people before have said, it's strange and upsetting that the Commander doesn't even attempt to talk to Aurene after she saves our life. Not only is Aurene important to both us personally, and the rest of Tyria; but it has also been a long time since we've had the opportunity to spend proper time with her, and she's lying on the floor and groaning in pain. What?! Let us, at the very least, check in and see how she's going!
    • Another thing I found strange was Canach's comment: "It's easy to forget; she's always been the granddaughter of an Elder Dragon. Maybe this is just what they do."
      While we're definitely more humanoid, Canach and I are both grandchildren of an Elder Dragon as well, and we're not going to forget that anytime soon. This comment would have made sense if it was given to someone else in the cast.

    I would like to second these! I found this very troubling. I was really surprised the episode just ended with Aurene collapsed on the ground while everyone is like "Aw, shucks. Classic Aurene!"

  • @Ojimaru.8970 said:
    NPC walk/run speed has always been a thorn in my side in nearly every game I've played. Sometimes they would be walking, but would somehow have a different walk speed than your character, yet sometimes faster; the same when they run in excruciating slow motion during an escort. However, in this one little moment, the two different walk speeds of Gorrik and Taimi created such an amazing scene:

    There Gorrik goes, freshly rescued from prison with thanks to Taimi, walking off into the distance while Taimi struggles down the stairs. Just one little scene that speaks volumes of Gorrik's character.

    Keep in mind Taimi was born with a small handicap, her legs. That is why she created Scruffy too.

  • Loki.4871Loki.4871 Member ✭✭✭

    @ZeftheWicked.3076 said:

    The Good:

    • The story instance gameplay was fun! Liked the sneaking, the maze leading to Joko and especially the Joko fight itself!
    • All praise Joko! Loved his taunts, lines, atiitude, and the humor ("Don't give your beetles names, so you don't grow attached. It's why I call all of you worms!")
    • Canah and his whistling xD
    • New mount
    • Underwater zone - i missed some of that action!

    The Bad:

    • the way the story instance ended.
    Another Epic villain after Lazarus you just ruthlessly cut out without giving him some more spotlight he deserved, and not digging into amazing lore he might've brought with him! Lazarus - last of powerful, lost and mysterious civilization! Joko - immortal Lich that has been around for at least two and half century - he too could share more then one story!

    Most of what this gentleman has posted is what I'd be saying so I'm just going to be lazy and steal those bits from his post. I've never really cared for Joko as a villain; I remember a pompous failure in GW1 who needed help and I felt I needed a search party to find him after he'd disappeared up his own backside when you meet him in the PoF campaign for the first time. I will note that the beginning of season 4 did a good job making me want to stress-test the immortality claims, however that was more by the excellent writing and voice direction for Taimi; the character has been growing on me since she stopped telling me how stupid I was and how she wished she was with scarlet instead of me all the time. That and Marjory and Kasmeer telling me how wonderful it was being lesbians is all I remember of living story 2, honestly.

    I disagree with the complain about terrain however; I remember the areas around the fortress of Gandara in gw1, so I'm not so bothered with the flat terrain, it's largely consistent. Importantly it's also the map you'll be using the roller beetle for the first time, so it makes sense it's friendly to this nice shiny new toy. I remember when the assassin in gw1 debued; it took a while for that reputation of fragility to end when people were fighting enemies that exploded when they died. . This is probably a forlorne hope, but I'd like to see the maps in elona eventually physically connected again, as I remember Kourna going much further north in GW1 in terms of explorable map. And further east. I always wanted to punch through that massive fortress straddling the Elon...

    I'll chip this is about the ending however, and spoiler it

    Aurene's appearance at the end was spoiled for me before playing, and killing Joko doesn't bother me; I played GW1, and I remember the Kilbron, the only other known and fought lich, needing to be murderised on a bloodstone to absorb his soul and magic and if you didn't he'd just keep getting back up. So, Aurene needs to eat his magic for him to stay dead? Sure, fine, whatever, I can go with that. What shocked me was how... "lolrandom" it was. You could have have had John Cleese go "And now for something completely different." before Joko got side-swiped. What I was expecting, knowing Aurene was going to get the kill, was some dramatic irony; Joko waxing lyrical about challenging dragons being foolish while Aurene silently landed on the balcony/window behind him and stalked up to him. He could have turned mid gloating-cut to his face looking at the camera (so from Aurene's view) with an "Oh shi-" look before it zoomed in with a roar and then cut to black. Instead, we got offscreen glomping. The other thing that stuck with me is Brahm not trying to comfort the PC; "He was wrong. [I know how to spell that word]." I'll admit, it got a laugh out of me, but even as I was laughing I thought "So he agrees with Joko, huh." Whether this comes up as a point between them later, I'm not sure, but while Brahm and the pc have been butting heads I was surprised he didn't try comforting the commander at what was a really cruel verbal attack. I've been getting the impression the PC's getting steadily more jaded and fed up to the point they're going start to treating people as disposable, since that's all they seem to be treated as by others. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the aftermath though; the impression I got is Joko's control is gone from the awakened, which means there are now a lot of people (and Koss) who've been enslaved, know they've been enslaved, been made undead and can suddenly act freely. I sort-of-hope they're 'kept' in Elona as a citizen class. One of the things I liked about Vabbi in PoF is how being undead is seen as something that can happen. It's not some ew-gross-icky-kill-it thing, you can be nagged by your great-great-great-grandfather because you're not wearing your great-great-great-grandmother's sweater she made you. It's an idea I've not seen developed outside of a certain imageboard just discussing 'silly' takes on rpg conventions. Hopefully the (apparently free) awakened will be developed this way. I know I really want to see Koss and Kossan meet. Swinging back to an earlier part of the final mission, I was unsettled when I thought Joko hated the character so much he was making clones to kill and torture. I felt the shock was deflated by pin of discovering they were illusions, though I understand you needed to teach players the ring's ability in a safe environment and cloning doesn't (apparently) exist.
  • I finally finished this yesterday! Unfortunately, it was my least favourite living world episode for ages...

    • The final Joko fight was pretty good, although I thought it relied too much on cheap one-shot mechanics (especially that laser beam thing that sweeps across the room). Generally, I think the Queen's Gauntlet bosses were a lot better than the recent Living World boss battles have been, though.
    • I liked the idea of the fire trap puzzle, but the difficulty of getting a clear camera angle in those tight corridors really hampered my enjoyment of it.
    • The story is very disappointing, especially the treatment of Joko. In Nightfall and PoF he was an interesting, nuanced character. In LWS4, and especially this episode, he's a much more simplistic villain who does evil stuff for plot reasons rather than because he has any actual motivation. When we finally find out his motives at the end, they don't make sense. It really feels like the writers don't understand the character.
    • Joko's death by Aurene ex machina felt cheap - a total anticlimax.
    • Kourna feels rough and unfinished, and is ~1/3 the size of Kourna in GW1. The lighting and sky box make it look like it's indoors, like a cheap war film set.
    • The "Ntouka Pond" with no Ntouka was a real let-down.
    • In the final instance, many enemies and allies were unselectable. I couldn't tell if this was a bug or not.
    • I'm disappointed that the Rollerbeetle isn't a native Kournan beetle - the weird sidestory with it growing inside Gorrik was unnecessary and unbelieveable.
    • Calling the Pangolin an "armadillo" because some people haven't heard of pangolins is incredibly patronising.
  • Gorani.7205Gorani.7205 Member ✭✭✭
    • Story was OK, the presentation in extremely long instances without reset-nodes for failed achievements annoyed me a lot. This is an ongoing trend in the design and has stopped me from doing LS with a majority of my characters on a repeat. Break it down into smaller, less time consuming instances and get the reset nodes back into the game. We had the later ones in HoT and the past seasons, why were they removed again?
    • The Kourna map meta is simple and unexciting, but at least you can hop on to it easily, without having to wait forever for a cycle to finish or start.
    • The map currency is a pain to get. I wish the caches would drop three instead of one every time we open them (like e.g. the LS3 nodes), especially since the turret collection needs so many of them.
    • So far, this is the map with the least incentive to revisit it, once you are done with the main story. Getting the extra achievements for the map is super grindy.
  • Mahou.3924Mahou.3924 Member ✭✭✭
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    Story-only player here:

    • I liked the episode overall. The stealth part was less annoying than in Episode 2 imho, and I liked the short-ish portal defense section with more and more of your allies appearing.
    • During the just-mentioned part I also had a strange bug of an enemy I couldn't target which made it impossible to progress, but after a restart (thanks for saving my progress up to this section!), it worked fine.
    • The puzzle section in Joko's section was alright-ish. I first didn't notice that part of the laser beams had a different shade of red.
    • Even though I thought Joko's overall quite annoying, I kinda liked his speeches here. The boss fight was also okay-ish. I also didn't notice the wall safe spaces I should have used during his "super attack" until I looked it up out of curiosity post-victory, but that's nothing unusual.
    • I might actually try to go for more than the story in form of the bettle mount ... eventually.
  • Martnor.1746Martnor.1746 Member ✭✭✭

    I really liked the cinematics. Beautifully done. These also cater to people who want to skip dialogue if they want to ( I personally loved watching it). I hope this is not the end of Joko. Considering how old this character is, if that was really his end, he deserved better (storytelling not fate). I also love Cannach. He's such a brilliant addition to the story. I personally find his script, along with Joko's, the most entertaining.

  • I had to buy both GW expansions because plot of basic GW was really hitting me. More I played and did the plot, more I enjoyed it and watched characters develop, how they were getting better sense of humor, strenght, weaknesses etc. Just like in a good serial/movie/book. I just watch them change under different circumstances, events etc. I really like how they do react and act one to another etc. I can clearly see that they are more than just typical people around, they are very well created, they are unique and got their own mind. Big plus for that. However I was always attracted by Dark Fantasy stories, you know not all should end well.

    Joko - well... disappointed as he was a lich, living really long, he should be wise and cunning, and have a great army causing great impact...and that was pretty easy to go through, find him and fight and...suddenly someone like him vanished so easily. I honestly thought you will try to imprison him forever somehow, as no one could find out why he is "immortal"...or that Grenth would be like - "Na bro, it's your time, you made a mess" and just put him down in some spectacular way haha

    Another minus would go for the fact that whenever there is a great danger, it's like in WOW - we always got people breeding extremaly fast, resources are infinite and easily obtainable, so you need an army? bam there is your army. Need to gear them, build walls, ships, anything? bam it's there.

    Also you wen't too far with "friendship" and making all races pretty casual. When you play basic storyline, quests for all races you can see how different they are - Charrs are typical fighting badasses and I imagine them as they are described, yet they became...domesticated like cats, just grey, no aggression, boiling blood, or anything. All are like - oh no enemy - lets rally together and be cool, yay!

    Thats why great plus goes to Braham, that just was mad and he was a something I think all Norns should be like - Proud, like typical viking. He was just like -kitten you guys, I will do it on my own, better than you! although when he had to, he helped commander with that Joko by pushing him out of the trap, because he understood he needs to do it.

    This perhaps will be never possible but...have you ever considered just leaving poor nearly cased to be dragons, and focus more on cultural differences between races and dunno, maybe make small war between them, bring some consequences, instead of always getting epic wins by epic alliances? but think it's not possible, because you can't pvp vs others on the maps except WvW - just an idea.
    Could use either more decisions that could bring impact to the world(more like choosing Joko that I totally did) and/or some tragedies that cannot be fixed like that, some real impact that would change the world and not just be a small tragedy that will be forgot after all races combined will fix it simply. That's why I said that races should be divided and not always co-op to achieve all they always need.

    And why Joko's citadel was so small?:D

    Even though I pointed out things that annoy me, Plot is good and I really can't wait to see next episodes;]

    Oh, btw, don't go into typical WoW - maybe we are super epic main characters of the world, but there are other strong allies like dunno Logan, or Canach, I feel they are all left behind...just like they would be nearly meaningless and are there just to help with some good advice, tactic...skill but...we do everything and are the cool guy.
    I know that they got big impact in some moments, but... for an example different scenario with Joko:

    Good old Destiny's Edge band would be there, Commander also+bunch of random army guys that just get you somehow inside the citadel or buy you time or... Brahm just does his job and you go after him. You all fight Joko but he is pretty kitten OP and casts an explosion that just knocks you through the wall, out of the citadel. Then you got a cinematic/drawings/whatever good looking fight between Destiny and Joko, you just see them doing crazy stuff to him while you need to find a different way to get back there. When you reach the place he is defeated by them either in a way that he must fall back or he is nearly done and you just aid them, or they exposed him hard, and he nearly killed them and you just reach in time to deal the final blow. If he escapes they chase him while you need to do something else/recover.
    I know, weird scenario but...Look at poor Brahm...his whole bad humor and rebellion...the whole pride and being irritated by only idle following our hero...he helped a lot by pushing out our character but...that was his impact. Then hes back to being idle guy thats the point im going through.

    Not sure, I'm bad at explaining but same thing happened to Naruto series/mangas - You meet guys, they seem OP, then character is OP and they never achieved anything except for casual help.

  • LOVE IT. In truth, you've come a far way with your story telling. Rather than being a traditional hero's journey, like initial story journal, you take a few twists and turns. Joko, as a villain, is both interesting and horrifying. His taunts are equally humerus and morbid. I'll miss him.

    (SUPER SPOILER) I must admit, my heart slightly dropped when I found the multiple corpse of my character. Unexpected, yet horrifying.

    Likewise, I like the new cinematography that you've applied to this episode. You used it sparingly, but it punctuated the scene when it was used. Whether it was the realization of the plague or the Death of Joko, each one was horrifying.

    As a negative, I did find Lord Faren's injury to be rather...lackluster. Also, you may want to be a little less on the nose about your puns. As much as I enjoy getting cakes from kids, getting them from a little girl named "Debbie" is a bit too on the nose.

    Overall, a great episode. It was well written, had memorable characters, and interesting twists. The fact that the hero's "results" are being called into question is something I've enjoyed with the Guild War's story line.

    And as a bonus, beetles are an interesting mount type and I can't wait to get mine.

  • Teratus.2859Teratus.2859 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Overall I loved it, Story was on top form and aside from some really annoying launch problems i've got little to complain about.

    I am somewhat concerned about the Beetle though mostly because it was added in the living world.
    The other mounts having been added in the expansion and additionally players requiring to buy the expansion to gain access to both Living world 4 and 5, They get to remain relevant if not outright necessary through both upcoming living worlds.

    Due to the nature of the living world concept however, The Beetle does not have the same kind of.. I guess we could say privilege maybe?
    Eh I'm not good with words.

    Anyway my point is that living world has a tendency to add really cool mastery abilities (and non mastery abilities), but in a lot of cases their usefulness and focus exists purely in one map.
    Living world 3 is full of examples
    Gliding combat skills.. pretty much gone outside of bloodstone fen which is unfortunate.
    Thermal Propulsion Mastery.. Useful in two maps then gone.
    Koda's Flame Mastery.. Useful in one map only.
    Oakheart's Reach.. Useful in one map and a novelty guildhall item. I had a lot of fun with this mastery and was so disapointed it never found a use outside of Draconis Mons.
    Siren of Orr.. Another only useful in one map Mastery.
    To be fair Counter Magic found some use in the open world and Spectral Aid was a great addition.

    I can understand if some mastery's usage might need to be kept exclusive to the map they were added in so that players who miss a living world release don't end up unable to complete a current one because of a mastery they don't have and can't unlock.
    But that's where my concerns for the Beetle come in since it only really has one useful world ability and that's Barrier Smash.
    Breaking into secret areas and smashing volatile crystals are two things you need the Beetle for but in future living world those who don't have the Beetle will not be able to do that so I expect Living world will do as it usually does and simply not add secret areas and volatile crystals.. Solving the "but what about the players who didn't play the last patch" problem but also diminishing the Beetle's mecahnical use and limiting it to a single map while additionally also limiting it's potential for gaining new abilities through new mastery's.

    I might be alone here.. I might not be.
    But this does bug me if you'll excuse the obvious pun.

    I guess I just don't like that mastery abilities tend to live out their usefulness when new content comes along.
    It's more a problem with living world ones.. but I also do find it very disappointing that all those Heart of Thorns Mastery's more or less did the same thing when Path of Fire launched.
    No updrafts, no bouncing mushrooms, no leylines.. Sure I get why with mounts and all, But I can't help feeling like there is definite room there for combination mastery abilities.
    Probably the most obvious example would be to allow us to use excess Heart of Thorns mastery points to give Griffons the ability to use Updrafts in the HoT and LW3 maps.
    That would be a superb ability to have and a great reward for players who own both expansions.

    I just think Anet can do a bit better with the mastery system and find fun ways to keep mastery abilities around and useful longer even as new content and new abilities come along.

  • The last episode was too long inside the instance, needed a warning that you could be inside the castle maze for 2 hrs. When I finally got to Joko I didn't have my hammer equipped as the backup weapon, so I lacked cc skills, too bad the useless as ever Braham couldnt toss me my hammer from inventory. The bugs in the system episode gave me problems gliding inside the room due to lag, I think it has been resolved with a new computer, it seems some ram had went bad on the old computer.

  • I was so disappointed by the ending, but mostly because I saw what I thought was the beginning of something great in the writing.

    Well. "Great" is overstating it--but Joko's farewell speech, or parts of it, was probably the best so far in the game. Instead of the usual simplistic rubbish, I saw a hint of actual self-awareness: Joko's awareness of his own role and that of my character, if only for a few seconds. He proceeded to challenge my merits, questioning whether my accomplishments justified my narcissism and, more fundamentally, the wisdom of it all in upsetting the balance of the world--at least as he saw it.

    It was incredible because I had such low expectations and was just waiting for some forgettable drivel to be over to get the end-game loot that I was surprised when I saw a sliver of what I thought would become something greater. But then, like the song goes, they went and spoiled it all by pulling out Aurene as another unfortunate deux ex machina. And the cherry on top? Disrupting a somber moment with a joke, Marvel style.

    So much potential wasted.

    I know. It's an MMO. I should go read a book. But honestly, for a moment, I thought I did see something.

  • KrivukasLT.3507KrivukasLT.3507 Member ✭✭
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    Kinda liked it.

  • @foozlesprite.8051 said:

    Along those lines, thanks for having Gorrik be on the autism spectrum, that means a lot to me and my friends. I know there's no way to explicitly communicate that in-game, but I appreciate that it was canonized in the Guiid Chat episode.

    So glad you saw that, and thank you for the support, too. :)

  • During the scounting mission, I panic blink away from some enemies who saw me. I was blinked beyond the mission walls and promptly ejected out. I was dumped outside the Tomb of Kings, but the portal took me to the new map instead. I travelled to the Green Swirl marker and I see nothing. Chapter 3 ends for me here.

  • Emperor Palpatine.5329Emperor Palpatine.5329 Member ✭✭
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    One of the best stories ever made. OMG the joko thing was just amazing. The map is meh, meta sucks...but I would so do this over and over again just for that Joko custscene :)

  • Falco.9250Falco.9250 Member ✭✭
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    ...wrong thread, please delete

  • ProtoGunner.4953ProtoGunner.4953 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I don't like the fact that you actually never see Kralkatorrik around. I mean never ever after PoF story. They talk all the time about him and he never shows up, not even during the last story step with Blish dying (or whatever) in the mists. You run away from whatever, there was not even a remote presence of him, only his minions. Very disappointed.

  • thanks for sharing havent played the game since like its initial release