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LW4 Episode 1 and Episode 2

Episode 1 Daybreak is locked but I can play episode 2 but I'm wondering if I have to play episode 1 to understand the story that leading to Episode 2 or 1 and 2 is separate story? I'm concerned because I saw the name "Joko" is part of Episode 2 too also it is part of Path of Fire expansion which I completed.


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    This topic is better started in the General Discussion or Player Help sections, not in In-Game Events.

    Living World episodes are always locked if you did not log in during the month(s) that they were available for free, but you can still unlock them via gems. 200 gems does not require much gold if doing gold -> gem conversion (or you can use your wallet). Consecutive episodes within the stories do build off of each other, and some small things within the story build off of all of the past stories.

    If you're worried about not understanding some things, I would suggest doing all of the stories in order. If you're only interested in playing whatever's available, that's also doable. You don't need to understand what's happening to enjoy the story and reap the rewards.

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