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Proffesions better in HoT than in PoF

First of all sorry for my English but ill try to make it understandable.
I have only HoT expansion and I don't think I can get PoF soon.
Which professions are really good in this expansion?

I currently have a ranger at lvl 80 and I know they are great healers with druids specialization and I know that mesmer is really desired support with HoT's specialization (Chrono I think its name) but what about others? and I played druid spec in PvP since I really don't mind healing (Rdruid and Dpriest are two of the three my most played wow classes and both are healers)
but it felt weird. It lacks direct healing in normal form or I'm missing something since I'm really big noob so far but my point is so far I didn't feel like I was "healer" more like the guy who rose those who fell and even though i mostly was top at healing playing lowest of ranks, all of it was done in a passive manner. :anguished:

How does mesmer (Chrono) play? what other classes are good for this expansion.

Please help this noob, and thanks for replies in advance.


  • Ryouzanpaku.1273Ryouzanpaku.1273 Member ✭✭✭

    First pick is easy IMHO: Herald >>>Renegade
    Chrono is different then Mirage - much better in group as ultimate support.

  • @Ryouzanpaku.1273 said:
    First pick is easy IMHO: Herald >>>Renegade
    Chrono is different then Mirage - much better in group as ultimate support.

    What role does Herald revenant fits into? i have revenant atm but he is only lvl 28

  • InsaneQR.7412InsaneQR.7412 Member ✭✭✭✭

    PoF elite specs cover roles the Hot specs didnt.
    Necro & Guardian and somewhat rev got support specs.
    Thief got its ranged DPS
    Ranger, engineer and ele got melee DPS specs.
    Warrior got a control spec.

    I wouldnt call them really better or worse it depends on what you like to play.
    As support druid and chrono are top pics, herald from HoT is nice to for boons (especually in WvW) but renegade healer is more popular in PvE.
    Firebrand and scourge are interesting support choices too. Firebrand can deal good dmg and apply perma quickness and scourge is an immortal revive bot that deals good condi dmg.

  • starlinvf.1358starlinvf.1358 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @hadikan.4780 said:

    @Ryouzanpaku.1273 said:
    First pick is easy IMHO: Herald >>>Renegade
    Chrono is different then Mirage - much better in group as ultimate support.

    What role does Herald revenant fits into? i have revenant atm but he is only lvl 28

    Boon Bot mostly..... Heralds entire kit is about pulsed boons and some secondary group utility. Core Rev has a lot of issues with mixing trait lines, and were essentially designed expecting it to have an Espec in its build. Even with that as an aside, Hearald's popularity is one of lack of options. Renegade has a number design level issues that severely narrows how it can be used across the various game modes, and relies heavily on its high Condi DPS to hold a spot in raids. Core Specs also demand a specific stat type to get the most out of it, which makes mixing them that much more difficult.

    So, depressingly, Hereld's high compatibility comes from its incredibly generic (as in simple) traits, and passive design as an Espec. The Facets are all upkeep skills which pulse boons on regular intervals, and only overlap just enough to keep 100% coverage, but not 100% intensity. The flip skills on the facets are also highly situational, and have very simple effects that don't offer much in the way of diverse utility or Synergy. The 2 most commonly used flips skills are Chaos's knock back/hard CC, and Light's upcapped ability to convert damage into healing. But both skills are short lived, and on long cool downs, so they're difficult to plan around for use in skill combinations, much less a rotation. This forces Heralds to rely on their second Legend for more active/reactive skills, and generally camp Glint for group boons. The Upkeep cost also eats into energy for weapon skills; so you either max out facets to push as many boons as possible, then swap legends when you run out of energy, use what attacks you can in that window, and then swap back to Glint to start pushing boons again. Or you run the minimum boons required for the team comp (usually just Fury), and save the rest of that energy for weapon attacks.

    The rest of the build then concerns itself with either Damage or additional support. Its the natural choice for Power Builds, because it offers no Condi support, and recent changes now offer more power damage bonuses. But even then, Herald's build synergy is extremely generic..... in fact, its the only Legend in the entire game that doesn't have a Rotation when used. It mostly boils down to using skills off cool down, or when energy becomes available, to keep your damage numbers up. This is pretty low stress for both WvW and PvP (and Open world), as you're not reliant on a combo chain to deal damage, thus your attention is free to react to your surrounding. Unfortunately, it also means you don't have the kind of damage multiplication that comes with skill combos, causing performance to cap out extremely fast.

    Kalla isn't that much better though. As a Kit, Renegade is really clunky. But because its skills and traits have better active synergy, and offers really high condition damage against low mobility targets, it sees a lot more use in PvE game modes. But the nature of the Summons, and the extremely limited capacity to share boons/buffs has largely kept it out of PvP and WvW, with the one exception of being the only mobile alacrity option for GvG team comps.

  • Derm.4932Derm.4932 Member ✭✭✭
    edited August 3, 2018

    For spvp Herald is the only spec in Hot that isn't outclassed by a core/POF counterpart. You can run core guard/thief though.

    Don't expect any changes soon. It's obvious they stopped caring about these classes in spvp.

  • Revenant: HoT's herald is better in spvp and wvw, while PoF's renegade is better in raids.
    I really enjoy using renegade in open world tho. The summons can take some aggro for you so its nice.

  • ZeftheWicked.3076ZeftheWicked.3076 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I'll throw in reaper. I won't say it's better then scourge - in some areas scourge is clear winner, in others reaper does better. But i will say he is tons more fun to play then a scourge. If you're not hell bent on being best support you can be (scourge's niche) then you won't be losing much by choosing reaper over scourge result-wise.

  • Teratus.2859Teratus.2859 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited August 4, 2018

    I can only speak from what i've played..

    I really like Renegade since I built a condi hybrid Revenant and prior to Renegade there were no secondary condi weapon options for the Revenant
    Getting one and a ranged weapon at that is a big win for my build ^^

    My main Ranger still remains a pure Ranger but I do have another (Condi hybrid) Ranger which makes good use of Soulbeast.

    As for Necromancer.. I can't say I care for Scourge tbh.. it's not a bad spec at all and i've seen a ton of good Scourge players running around.
    That said i'm personally completely unwilling to give up my death shroud mechanic for more condition damage XD
    So when it comes to Necro I much prefer Reaper.

  • Aslakh.3072Aslakh.3072 Member ✭✭

    Chronomancer and Druid are the best pve supports and come from HoT. Daredevil is probably the best balanced thief spec between single target damage, aoe damage and survivability. Reaper is the better power necromancer elite though condition scourge is alot funner than condition reaper if you prefer condition specs.

  • otto.5684otto.5684 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @hadikan.4780 said:

    @Ryouzanpaku.1273 said:
    First pick is easy IMHO: Herald >>>Renegade
    Chrono is different then Mirage - much better in group as ultimate support.

    What role does Herald revenant fits into? i have revenant atm but he is only lvl 28

    Damage in every game mode.

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