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[NA] vs. [EU] 1st Bulletstorm (Beetle-Walk)

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edited August 5, 2018 in In-Game Events

When: Sunday, 12th of August., 18.00 o'clock (UTC +1)
Where: Caledon Forest, Kraitbane Haven WP [&BEABAAA=]
What: Beetle-Walk to The Grove
Estimated time: 37 min

If you don't have the beetle yet you can participate by walking - but please stop and wait from time to time, because you'll be faster walking than the beetles :D

Preparation: assign a key to walk/run as it's not assigned by default; assign a key to autorun, because it's easier to chat while still walking.

Additionally this is the first Server contest. Who will show the most amazing screens and vids? I'm excited :-)


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