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Escort the explosives-laden dolyaks to the Barrowstead event is bugged

The event is being stalled by the dolyaks not moving.



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    edited August 9, 2018

    Living World Season 2 - Chapter 3 The Dragon's Reach Part 1 - Summit Invitations

    • Help the Vigil disrupt the Sons of Svanir presence in Frostgorge Sound.
    • Help Fenris and the Vigil troops assault the Sons of Svanir at Barrowstead, and destroy their dragon totem.

    The Dolyaks do not move and enemies come endlessly. The event never progresses (tried for over an hour). I tried zoning to a different map and re-entering. Went to GH and came back. Exited game and restarted. Joined a different group to try to get into a different instance. Nothing works.

  • yeah there are a few people including myself besiged by this nasty little bug

  • There's a fix for this in an upcoming update.

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