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What class should i choose to do well all contents? Focusing on DPS wvw (Zergs/Roaming) and pvp/spvp. Guardian or Warrior and why? I have all expansions.



Ty for help!


  • Jack Redline.5379Jack Redline.5379 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Condi Mirage or Power Deadeye. Cant tell you more right now I have to run from all the salt that is coming lololololololol

  • Alex.4982Alex.4982 Member ✭✭

    Guardian and Warrior both have viable builds in the game modes you mentioned. So my advice would be just pick the one you like most! They are both a ton of fun.

    If you're looking for input that might help sway your decision or give you some ideas, I can throw in my two cents for spvp (I don't play much wvw):
    I prefer guardian, and what's neat about guardian right now is that you have a variety of ways you can play the class in spvp. For instance, you could run a core guard hammer build that is all about teleporting in and delivering some spikey damage to a target you've singled out. Or, you could play a firebrand that is more focused on sustain, support, and controlling the team fight. Dragonhunter needs some buffs, but you can even get some different options there too. So if any of that sounds fun to you, maybe try guardian. Similar things could be said for Warrior too though, so give both a try and see which feels better to you.

  • Dace.8173Dace.8173 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Both are strong professions. I play my Guardian more than my Warrior but that doesn't mean that Warrior isn't a good choice since Spellbreaker is still META right now (I think). Without knowing more about your playstyle I really couldn't say which is better for you. The more details you provide the better the feedback you'll get.

  • InsaneQR.7412InsaneQR.7412 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited August 16, 2018

    Both are solid professions and have good positions in all modes.
    They differ ofc in mechanics so i try to break them down for you.

    Warrior: High Base Health pool
    Uses passive /long lasting defenses and immunities. Plethra of condi cleanses. Has the biggest weapon arsenal in game, decent mobility, more power heavy than condi heavy (Weapon wise) . High Condition dmg E-spec, very strong boon ripping control E-spec.

    Guardian: Low base health
    Uses active, fast casted defenses, aegis/block spam, a lot of projectile hate, some selfsustain abbilities and group support. Guardian can build condi builds regardless of the weapon of your choice, but generally the faster it hits the more passive burn it can stack. High condition heavy E-Spec with great support and condi hate/condi flip. And one Burst oriented Area denying DPS spec with improved mobility and defenses.

    Personally i like guard more just because you can stack so many blocks on top of eachother but currently in the meta Warrior is better and its also the easier profession to start out with.

    Id say take guard/Firebrand for WvW and make a condi flip dmg spec and make a spellbreaker PvP spec. So you got best of both worlds AoE and support for WvW and single target cobtrol for PvP Conquest.

  • Thank you guys, i'll play guardian!

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