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PvE Skill/Profession Balance

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Although a topic that tends to draw a lot of heat and passive aggression, lets please try and be constructive and as objective as possible.

To the team:
What is your opinion on the current balance in PvE/group content/raids at present and are there any outliers that you would like to address?

Thanks for taking the time to take part in this discussion.


  • Important question I was wondering for few months now ...

    What objective do you try to attend when you balance classes ? Just tuning down strong professions and buffing a little weak ones ? or Is there a bigger plan behind all of this?
    For instance : Making all spec viable in pvp - making all dps classes viable in raids with the same amount of damage per sec on a golem - make WvW scourge - firebrand only

    I'm kinda kidding with my examples but knowing is there something you want to achieve in term of balancing would be ... comforting I would say.

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