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Raid/Fractal team not part of systems team?

I can't help but ask, why isn't the Raid/Fractal team also part of the systems team? Skills and Balance, Player versus Player, World versus World, and Rewards Teams are all fine to be together, because you can discuss problems with specific parts of the game and balance around them, that's good, but what about instanced group content? I'd imagine a team that is developing new and exciting encounters/bosses would be good to be part of the same team as the Balance team, so they can balance their encounters around certain skills and abilities.



  • FrizzFreston.5290FrizzFreston.5290 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Even Open world has balance.

    I mean, ideally they should all talk with eachother, but at some point putting everything in one big group wont be useful anymore.

    I am also interested in why the rewards team is part of the group. (ofcourse name wise it now fits)

    I feel personally, from the outside looking in, the rewards team might fit better with the marketting/gemstore team. But what do I know.

  • We talk to the raids and fractals team about instanced group content balance and consult with them/get consulted on various parts back and forth.

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