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WvW Rewards other than Loot

Ive been a WvW player since the start of Gw2. There were a lot of good times and a lot of frustrating times but what makes this gamemode special for me is, what 1 player can do to help turn the tides.

Some People are defending 1 camp the whole day just to get the respective keep or tower to t3.
Some People do the opposite and try to raid the camps all around the map, so the keeps wont upgrade.
Some People are great commanders and keep inspiring and pushing other players to win every fight.
Others getting sneaky Keep caps.
Some People Building a lot of Siege and keep refreshing them.
Some People are great Roamers and winning every 1onX.

You get the point, there are a lot of different things you can do in WvW and we mostly do it for the respective Servercommunity, but other than the Rewardtracks and Loot, which dont get me wrong are great and give WvW players a decent income, players dont get rewarded for specific roles they take part in.

My Wish would be, we would get weekly/monthly Leaderboards and Titles, which show what we, the WvW players have accomplished.

A Commander that dominates the borderlands every time he tags up? Give him a kitten cool title.
A Roamer that captured more camps than anyone else this matchup? Reward him

People want those shiny goodies to show off. More Loot just means more people that arent interested in real WvW are doing a Karmatrain.
That makes noone happy. Not the WvW players and not the PvE players that have to do WvW for Loot they cant get in PvE.

But Titles that arent easy to get cause you compete against all other WvW players and some weekly Leaderboards would give people a reason to actually try and give their best. Atm theres no difference if the Server does good or bad but if there are some shinies u can get if u try hard enough it might change alot

Sorry for that Wall of Text. x)


  • Blackarps.1974Blackarps.1974 Member ✭✭✭

    I'm totally down for increased and unique rewards but I don't like the idea of leaderboards in any game. They are too much of a hassle for developers and often lead to people just exploiting the system to be on top. If you could get rewarded for being on top, it would just make it even worse.

  • AmigaDave.5623AmigaDave.5623 Member
    edited August 22, 2018

    There are many players (including myself) who greatly dislike being forced to play game modes that they do not enjoy. Rewards should be available equally across all game modes, that is fairly obvious. Increasing rewards in one game mode over the others to increase, or balance player participation goes against one of GW2's design goals, which if I remember correctly, was to provide game play for every type of player, so they can enjoy GW2 on their own terms. It is bad enough that Legendary Armor is only available to players who want to do RAIDs, but changing how the Gift of Battle is acquired, so all players who wish to craft a Legendary weapon MUST play WvW for several hours, really rubs me, and many others PvE players the wrong way. GW2 is a great game! Let the players decide which parts of it they want to participate in, and NOT participate in, and make all game rewards available in all 3 of the primary game modes equally, with equal time requirements to reach "Legendary" rewards. Not all GW2 players want to play all GW2 game modes, but that doesn't make us less valuable to the GW2 community, does it?
    Edit: Sorry that this post is a bit off topic, but it is about rewards, and WvW.

  • Ben K.6238Ben K.6238 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I do like the leaderboard idea, and don't have much to add regarding why. There are a lot of little things you can do in WvW that go unrewarded by the almighty scoreboard, and it would be a nice way of adding more dimensions to the game mode.

    Yes, leaderboards can be vulnerable to manipulation, but each match result in WvW is a leaderboard. When choosing categories to reward, you can define the process required to advance on that leaderboard in a way that makes it difficult to exploit. You can also create competing categories, where a player looking to advance in camp captures for their server is going to run into other players trying to advance in camp defenses for their servers.

    I don't think the negatives outweigh the positives on this one, and if the categories are selected carefully it can really add a lot.