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Projectile hate gone overboard

Back in the days there was only few projectile reflect/absorp skills, such as wall of reflection, shield of absorption and feedback. Those felt powerful and nice to have.
Now after HoT we got moving scrapper reflect bubble, magnetic aura share tempest, and shield generator with a massive, long bubble, which used to block unblockable projectiles. Corrosive Poison Cloud was updated to block projectiles at some point, too.
Then comes PoF, with firebrand, that can spam projectile reflect bubble (only 5s cooldown when traited!) and winds of disenchantment, which has equal radius and duration than shield generator bubble.
The question is: why? Projectiles were never that powerful, and never really needed that much counterplay. Only few professions (such as ranger and engineer) heavily rely on projectiles when it comes to ranged attacks, and especially in wvw are completely shut down with such high amount of projectile hate.


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    I'm thinking this must be a PvP-minded question, because in openworld PvE, mobs that spam heavy-hitting projectile barrages are all over the place, especially in PoF. And boy do they hit hard.