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A different approach to nerfs



  • @Etheri.5406 said:

    @otto.5684 said:
    @Etheri.5406 I was talking PvP. PvE is different.

    Up until druid got more excessive nerfs, it was played in PvP the exact way it was during entire HoT. But I agree with your notion for PvP overall.

    Here's what anet kitten up :

    First they take a full year to "balance" HoT meta, more than 8 months before it reaches an "acceptable" state imo. Then a few months before PoF, they finally nerf everything screwing balance again. Good - they should have done that MUCH sooner. Except a few months later they add PoF with more insane powercreep... Making things just out of proportion. And even now those specs are way better than any HoT specs.

    I don't mind the nerfs to zerker during HoT. I don't mind the nerfs to druid during HoT. Even DH. All of those were FINE. Ok the nerfs to zerker for pvp / wvw were maybe pretty harsh - but still. The problem was they then add ... even more insane classes right after.
    That also tells me there's a certain level of sales $$$$$ motivation involved. Everyone needs their new spec to be le new le awesome, so they need to be clear powercreep for all situations. Take spellbreaker which in pvp and wvw is now just... better. Not just for utility, also for damage and everything else. Spellbreaker is a ... condi spec I guess? xD

    And why does it take a year to bring down those PoF specs if they're clearly willing to gut specs for the sake of balance? No idea.

    The nerfing of HoT specs a few months before the lunch of PoF looked undeniable like a marketing stunt. The reasons is simple a lot of those HoT specs where designed around raids and needed this amount of DPS creep e.g Tempest was nerfed in the ground and look PoF comes with the new Weaver trait line which has even more DPS then the old Tempest build xD.(which was then really an unnecessary power creep)

    Same goes for the whole recent Reverent push the reason it was or is the fewest played class is it is a HoT exclusive class. Player have usually their main character which they create when they start their game . HoT is not what you have when you start the game and even if it is it is then just one option of many so the chance is just something like 1: 25 while other have a 1:8 not including players preferences. Certainly there a lot of exceptions to this rule and player will create characters just for one type of content

    This screams like we want to sell more HoT addons and more character slots . What against this is most player will have HoT when playing the game a longer time and when I seeing something like this the only thing I do is paying the slot with gold and giving the char a crazy name which says what I think about it.

    Okay I get a bit site tracked but what I would do is eliminating the HoT bind of the class if I want to have more players playing it when I wanted to sell more slots I would pushing the racial skills or even create a set of new racial bound classes (e.g Derwish)

    In general I don't think it is a good idea to make balancing around marketing its screw in the long run everything up because with each expansion you have another elite trait when only one of them works the game looks kinda crappy. (f2p MMO like) I must say on the other hand when everything works players want then to use their char in multiple roles where a new slot is not always an answer . Basically the need to have something which saves builds increase drastically with each expansion then.

    Unfortunately on he lower end of balancing something similar can happen I'm not 'able' to play my Weaver in high level challenging open world content anymore like the Bloodstone Fen so I have contently switching between Weaver and Tempest depending on group content or not