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On a scale from 3 to -3, where -3 is a complete disaster, how bad/good are the new Herald changes?



  • -3

    I guess the other problem with the redesign is that Herald used to be focused on Boons and Boon Duration. Now it upgrades every other stance and offers damage reduction, stability, life steal, healing, etc.

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    Not to mention we still have a main heal with a 1 second channel time; soothing stone. No main heal should have even a 1/2 second channel time. I know they were working mainly on the Herald, but still, such fundamental problem should be immediately fixed.

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    @Amins.3710 said:
    Shield is a joke - especially since it roots you and so many classes have skills that allow thier attacks to be unblockable... sure, how bout i just sit here with my thumb up my kitten for 3s while a necro, warrior, rev and ranger all pop their unblockables and insta down me for lawls. Pay attention Anet - you're loosing people faster than you're gaining and this kitten aint' helping

    It needs to have invulnerability affect XD(but that would be abroken heal and condi removal loool), the theme of crystal hybernation is interesting but wont work due how Anet made so many unblockables, and since unbloackables couter more than blocks themselves...

    Well... herald shield could be the invulnerability skill :\ a players being rooted is already a HUUUGE punishment... And CH could stay on theme.
    I hope Anet understands it.... cause atm i think they are missing how some stuff on they work is a bit faulty..

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