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Ugh not another DPS zerg Weaver Montage [Build included]

Hello friends, it is my hopes that I can inspire at least one or two people to try out weaver in a wvw context as it is, in my opinion, simultaneously the most fun (+bags) you could possibly have in addition to being crucial to overall DPS when played wisely. The build I am using (which is essentially strength runes, fire 112/air 331/weaver 321 marauder armour+zerk trinkets with 2 commander pieces for extra 1/4s fury uptime [it adds up because it is applied every 3s, theoretically speaking] is available in the description of the video.

I do not consider myself an authority on weaver so please enjoy the video for what it is - hopefully any curious or intermediate weavers can discover something useful by watching it. I play on NSP and AR, feel free to contact me here or ingame if need be.

| Solemn [PAL][shrd][wHo][DoM][BOZ] |
| Wrath of God Staff Weaver Part II |
| Fire Weaver Isn't Unfair You Just Need To Understand It |
| Wrath of God Staff Weaver Part III |
| Ex-Anvil Rock (RIP) |
| NSP (main) | CD (alt) |


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